Miso Glazed Fish from Easy Gourmet

This is another very simple but stunningly flavorful, umami-lade dish from Stephanie Le’s Easy Gourmet.  I noticed right away that the recipe is similar to the famous one I’ve seen over and over again from Nobu Matsuhisa for his miso marinated black cod, in that most of the ingredients are the same (mirin, sake, miso and sugar), but whereas Nobu uses what to me seems a wasteful amount of miso and other ingredients for the marinade, which is then ultimately thrown away, Stephanie is much more judicious. Read More

Berry Brioche + Monte Cristo

I didn’t plan on another recipe with purple, but that’s what happened.  My Huckleberry book arrived yesterday and even though I swore the first recipe I’d make was for the “super cheesy rye biscuits” that have long been unavailable at Milo & Olive, Zoe’s restaurant and cafe where they first appeared and where I fell in love with these savories that she admitted she fashioned after a cheez-it, flavor wise.  But the cover image of the blueberry-swirled brioche kept haunting me, after all I’d never made a brioche dough before, and a quick inventory of my kitchen ingredients proved that I actually had everything I needed to make this stunning bread. Read More

Purple Basil Pesto

Pesto is something I don’t make all that often, as it usually tastes too heavy and rich for me.  After all, it’s got nuts, cheese, and a vat or two of oil, and the classic Marcella Hazan recipe I use adds butter.  Put that on top of pasta and I’m asleep 10 minutes after dinner.   Read More


Are you ever motivated to cook a particular dish or sauce based upon its color, or pair certain foods together based upon an imagined aesthetic, how it would look plated or photographed?  I have to admit that, although I am firstly interested in taste, after that I think food is sort of a visual playground for me.  Admittedly I have more time on my hands right now than when I was working . . . all day, every day, so that could be a factor in my recent unusual creations.  But I do have a streak of silliness that runs through my cooking, no doubt about it.  The one thing I won’t do, however, is assemble little bits and pieces of foods like a painting, which is what I’m seeing a lot in restaurants these days . . . I want a full plate of food, not little bits and pieces! Read More

Little Bird Sorghum Flour Pancakes with Graple Syrup

I am nearing the end of my posts with purple foods and therefore it will be time to change background colours again on my blog.  Eggplant, grapes, berries, purple basil, purple peppers, it’s been swell but we’re heading to what I think of as “orange” season — persimmon, butternut and other orange squash, and pumpkin.  Before we do, though I’ve got a couple more purple recipes for you. Read More

Pasta With Bone Marrow, Lemon and Shallot Sauce

Well, so far I’m batting 1000 in my Easy Gourmet Cook-Through Adventure.  I’ve made two recipes and they’ve both been hits, and this pasta was a home run.  I regularly buy bone marrow bones to make broth, and occasionally I’ll roast them up or pan fry and serve them with toasted bread, or smash the marrow into a baked sweet potato.  It had never occurred to me to use the marrow with pasta.  Enter Stephanie‘s book and the rest is history . . . I will be making this dish again. Read More