You may remember the Farro Porridge Bread #1 & #2 I slogged through making.  Although I enjoyed the challenge, I much prefer using the grain cooked in salads.  Head over to Foodlander to see some great salad ideas I found from fellow food bloggers.    

As you my loyal readers know I have been on somewhat of a history kick for inane and slightly off-beat foodstuffs lately.  I'm not sure if it's because I haven't been able to eat any proper food (only softies) since my dental event, but I'm still on a roll.  Here is a very traditional Easter... Continue Reading →

The Mulberry Pancakes Mike style were a hit and there were no trips made to the ice cream store or even refrigerator.  But then for Mike's birthday dinner I made pizza with figs, bacon and ricotta . . . and it got Miked.  Let me explain. I made a nice crust with some of the... Continue Reading →

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