“Nuts” Good Paratha

I I borrowed Mr. Fitz's idea to make a type of "nuts good" flatbread, adding sourdough to my dough, letting it sit overnight, then stuffing it with Spinach, Preserved Lemon and Zaatar.  Let's head over here (yikes) and check it out!

Mike-style is kind of hard to describe with one word so I'll give a little illustration. My chosen adjectives carry a somewhat negative connotation (heavy-handed, overdone, excessive) and I'm trying to change my perception. After all, we all have our unique style, right? Aren't we all, after all, endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable... Continue Reading →

Breakfast Gallery

Just a little breakfast love this morning Weekend breakfasts are almost sacred for us; we look forward to sleeping in a little on the weekend and either cooking up some wholesome deliciousness or visiting our favorite cafe, Red Bread in Culver City.  Lingering with the newspaper, visiting with friends, daydreaming, bicycling, are all done at... Continue Reading →

Tuna Tartine Bites with Warm Bagna Cauda

I love open-faced sandwiches, but they are messy suckers.  The toppings can spill off your bread, onto the plate, onto your lap, into your fingernails, etc.  So for this Fiesta Friday I made a Tuna Tartine on bread that's been pressed/fried in a pan of warm garlicky lemon/anchovy dressing, then neatly cut up into bite-sized pieces.... Continue Reading →

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