I'm not sure what business apples have growing right now in Redondo Beach, CA, but when my husband texted me the other day, "Hey Sue, I just picked some apples from our school's community garden tree, do you think you can make a pie?", I figured, why not?  I'll make an apple-black liquorice pie and... Continue Reading →

  Why?  Because it's a holiday and you may get extra time to sleep, extra time to surf, extra time to do whatever it is you love, and plenty of time to nap and read in between.  Then there's eating. If you are hosting a barbecue this year, or bringing a dish to another's Memorial Day... Continue Reading →

Break Out of the Asparagus Rut

Asparagus is one of the vegetables that is synonymous with Spring in my vocabulary.  However, as with other vegetables I cook when they are in peak season, I find myself making it the same way over and over again -- roasted with olive oil and salt, steamed and thrown into salad or dressed with a... Continue Reading →

Colors make me happy.  They represent abundance and variety to me, and conjure up feelings of awe and cheeriness.  I love bright and saturated hues, in textiles, ceramics, glass; in food, in clothing, in shoes.  Unpatterned though . . . I like solids and not patterns.  I favor a neutral palette with pops of wild... Continue Reading →

I am shamelessly posting that it's my birthday today.  Every day we wake up and draw a breath is a day to celebrate; but this year on my birthday I had such a wonderful culinary fiesta that I wanted to share it with my friendly readers and fellow bloggers.I had the privilege of attending a... Continue Reading →

  Here's a fresh and beautiful springtime salad inspired by the early Brooks Cherry appearance in our farmer's markets this week.  It's crunchy, creamy & juicy, and sweet, tart & peppery, all in one bite. The sweet and juicy fruit pairs well with the crunch and grassyness of the black eyed pea and english pea... Continue Reading →

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