Heirloom Cottage Cheese Pie

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Mostly Cranberry Pie

I can’t seem to get off the pie wagon, I’m having too much fun.  This pie was inspired by this holiday’s fruit darling, the cranberry. Read More

Pork Pie Now For Sale


Well, that was fun.  You may remember my little post about winning at the KCRW Good Food 6th Annual Pie Contest with the Beer Braised Pork Pie that I named after our blogging friend Mr. Fitz and using Huckleberry Cookbook’s recipe for Beer Braised Pork.  I thought I might never spend 3 days on a pie again (braise pork, boil down braising liquid, marinate pork in Bud Light Reduction Sauce overnight, make pie, bake pie, let pie sit overnight to set), but I did.   Read More

How to Bake a Pie On Top of a Salted Caramel Bar

Have you ever had a salted caramel bar?   Read More

Little Red Riding Ribbon

ribbon (1 of 1)

Guess what? I won 2nd prize in the savory category of pies in the 6th Annual KCRW Good Food Pie Contest for the “Mr. Fitz Pork Pie!”  Thank you all dear friends for keeping your fingers crossed, it was one of the most awesome days I’ve had in years.   Read More

Fig and Grape Pie

We are enjoying an abundance of fresh grapes right now in Santa Monica, a true wealth of varieties including ones such as the beautiful, translucent Chasselas Dore (below), “the grape you see in old Dutch Master paintings,” that I have never seen or heard of before.  More often than not, I am moved to cook with ingredients that have an unusual name or pedigree or appearance . . . . however with grapes I also love and will eat a bunch without batting an eyelash of the plain old supermarket variety. Read More