Kyoho Grape and Cucumber Relish

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Kyoho grapes are softer than your average supermarket grape that is available year round, and more prone to damage.  At best they will last a week before fermentation sets in.  They are a Concord cross and have a wonderful, heady, jammy aroma.  While they have seeds and I normally shy away from seeded grapes, when I first sampled the kyoho this week at my favorite farmer’s market I was so smitten I bought some, not caring that I would spend a bit of time slicing and seeding them. Read More

Croque Madame Crostini

The french sandwich Croque Monsieur becomes a Madame when adorned with a fried egg.  It is a very sensual and decadent sandwich, also quite messy to eat.  I have turned the Madame into a Madame Crostini, making it somewhat easier to eat and a little less filling.   Read More

Visit Me in Los Angeles! (A Guide)

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This post has helped me organize my thoughts and goals for Sofia (at Papaya Pieces) and Patty‘s (Patty Nguyen) visit in September.  I’m so excited!  We’re packing a lot in, but since we’ll put Sofia on a plane right away to Europe, she can sleep off her exhaustion; Patty has to go back to a schoolroom full of . . . highschoolers, so I’m not so sure what we’ll do with her for her recovery. Read More

Weekly Photo Challenge: Treasure

Wedding Ring Found in Front Yard After It Had Gone Missing 4 Years Earlier. Read More

How to Propose Marriage by Bike

Cyclist Murphy Mack rode 18 miles, torched 749 calories & traced out the words “Marry me Emily” surrounded by a heart on the Streets of San Francisco 

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Phonography: Using Your Lens as Macro

This is the lovely and delicious Cactus Apple, up close. Read More