Homemade Hot Cross Buns

I've got a great recipe for homemade hot cross buns.  Also, I have a ton of exciting news! First: If you don't feel like making 30 hot cross buns with this recipe I'm bringing to Fiesta Friday today, after a long and regretted absence on my part, you can make two giant hot cross buns and just bake... Continue Reading →

Post Cards #2

I'm so happy to be at Fiesta Friday #30!  I always look forward to Fridays and will be forever grateful for Angie over at the Novice Gardener for putting this weekly party together.  I'm not bringing any food this week, but instead some more postcards. After my last post we spent half a day in... Continue Reading →


Hello friends from the woods deep in Oregon, can you hear the echo?  I wanted to share a few shots with you of my vacation so far and would feel amiss if I didn't show at all to FF #29.  Angie and The Novice Gardener and all of our fellow co hosts (this week two... Continue Reading →

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