Summer White Collection

I think I’m tired of cooking. Plus I got a new toy (a DSLR camera and a lens) and I need to study.  So here’s a silly gallery of summer whites.  See you soon!

Dessert Files

Here is a wonderful treat that is very easy to make and wildly aromatic.  I developed it for my friends over at Foodlander where you can also find my recipes for Blackberry Apricot Pie, Zucchini Cake Slices with Minted Yogurt, and Poached Green Gage Plums in Jasmine Syrup.


Lemon Curd Pudding with Lavender Crema


Green Gage Plums Poached in Jasmine Syrup


Zucchini Cake Slices with Minted Yogurt


Blackberry Apricot Pie with Bay Leaf