It's not quite Father's Day but I've got fathers on the brain, especially of course my own father.  Not only is Father's Day coming up in a few weeks, but it's also his birthday soon.  Also, in my newsfeed this morning I read an interesting story about the history of father's day.  Apparently on July... Continue Reading →

You may remember the Farro Porridge Bread #1 & #2 I slogged through making.  Although I enjoyed the challenge, I much prefer using the grain cooked in salads.  Head over to Foodlander to see some great salad ideas I found from fellow food bloggers.    

Tuna Tartine Bites with Warm Bagna Cauda

I love open-faced sandwiches, but they are messy suckers.  The toppings can spill off your bread, onto the plate, onto your lap, into your fingernails, etc.  So for this Fiesta Friday I made a Tuna Tartine on bread that's been pressed/fried in a pan of warm garlicky lemon/anchovy dressing, then neatly cut up into bite-sized pieces.... Continue Reading →

“Stay-cation” March 2014

This year I decided to take a week off work and not go anywhere.   Normally I reserve all my 3 weeks' vacation for when my husband is off, during the month of August, or at Christmas, Thanksgiving or Easter time, so that we can travel or just hang out together.  But this year I... Continue Reading →

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