Donuts in Los Angeles

If you were wondering what I have been doing the past few months, the title of this post covers a lot of ground towards the answer.  In addition to visiting a slew of mostly newly-opened, but also older, donut shops in Los Angeles, I've also moved jobs twice which has compromised my commitment to blogging.... Continue Reading →


Hello friends from the woods deep in Oregon, can you hear the echo?  I wanted to share a few shots with you of my vacation so far and would feel amiss if I didn't show at all to FF #29.  Angie and The Novice Gardener and all of our fellow co hosts (this week two... Continue Reading →

My apologies for being a day tardy with the donut recipe I promised. I was busy cleaning up my mess. Yes, donuts are messy, but they are worth it because they are special, making them teaches you patience and precision, and they are delicious. In the weeks ahead I will be exploring the adaptability of... Continue Reading →

If you’d asked me a year ago whether I’d be making homemade yeasted donuts, with a homemade glaze, I’d have said you were very mistaken. But life sometimes has plans that run parallel or even perpendicular to our own (conscious) plans, and one minute you could be a baker, the next a braiser. I’ve always... Continue Reading →

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