Roasted and Raw Citrus Fennel Salad

One of the things I’ve been doing a lot of since returning to work full time is roasting vegetables at night, after dinner, while I’m on my evening stroll.

Hot Pink Tofu Fesenjan

My friends of Persian and Middle Eastern origin may want to slap me for making up this dish and the cheesy title . . . sorry folks.  I’ve had too many beige foods over the holidays — bratwurst, pork roast & shoulder, sauerkraut, bread dumpling, gravy, etc., and I felt an itch of playfulness coming on.  


Are you ever motivated to cook a particular dish or sauce based upon its color, or pair certain foods together based upon an imagined aesthetic, how it would look plated or photographed?  I have to admit that, although I am firstly interested in taste, after that I think food is sort of a visual playground for me.  Admittedly I have more time on my…

Shapes & Colors Potato Salad

Colors make me happy.  They represent abundance and variety to me, and conjure up feelings of awe and cheeriness.  I love bright and saturated hues, in textiles, ceramics, glass; in food, in clothing, in shoes.  Unpatterned though . . . I like solids and not patterns.  I favor a neutral palette with pops of wild color. When I was a teenager I went through…