Homemade Hot Cross Buns

I've got a great recipe for homemade hot cross buns.  Also, I have a ton of exciting news! First: If you don't feel like making 30 hot cross buns with this recipe I'm bringing to Fiesta Friday today, after a long and regretted absence on my part, you can make two giant hot cross buns and just bake... Continue Reading →

I am so excited to offer this recipe for Botvinia (BOHT-veen-yaw), a traditional Russian cold green vegetable soup with fish. I was hesitant about how it would turn out because the base for the soup, kvas, tasted awfully sour and malty. My husband and I loved it, but I worried it might make the soup... Continue Reading →

This past week I had 2 occasions to make booze drinks: 1.     The Kentucky Derby last Saturday. 2.     Warm-up round for my Fiesta Friday's challenge feature, the Russian Chilled Sorrel Soup Botvinia, which begins with Black Bread Kvas (fermented, yeasted drink). As you may recall, I don't drink  . . .... Continue Reading →

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