Post Christmas Post + Giant Bread Dumpling Recipe (Serviettenknodel)

I want to take this opportunity to thank all of my blogging friends who have made this year beyond awesome:  Patty, Sofia, Sonal, Selma, Ngan, Suzanne, Jhuls, Angie, Nancy, Prudy, Margy and so many more!  I love you all!  Now, on to food.  When I saw this beautiful Serviettenknodel (“napkin” dumpling because it’s formed in the shape of a giant sausage, packed into a…

No Nonsense Buttermilk Pancakes

I haven’t really eaten many pancakes as an adult but I have fond memories of enjoying my mom’s bisquick pancakes once a week.  They were always screaming hot, slightly tangy, fluffy and served straight up with butter and syrup.  No berries or nuts on top, no bananas or pumpkin mixed into the batter.  Just good old pancakes.

Roasted Butternut Squash & Persimmon Cake

This cake is not only epically moist, earthy and caramel-ly, but also full of Vitamin A and fiber, and gluten free.

Cooking with Huckleberry Update: Chocolate Teacake, Cheese Rye Biscuits and Brisket

I’ve been cooking 1 recipe per day from Zoe Nathan Loeb’s cookbook:  Huckleberry: Stories, Secrets and Recipes from Our Kitchen, and am a bit behind in posting, so here’s a quick update.

Berry Brioche + Monte Cristo

I didn’t plan on another recipe with purple, but that’s what happened.  My Huckleberry book arrived yesterday and even though I swore the first recipe I’d make was for the “super cheesy rye biscuits” that have long been unavailable at Milo & Olive, Zoe’s restaurant and cafe where they first appeared and where I fell in love with these savories that she admitted she…

Croque Madame Crostini

The french sandwich Croque Monsieur becomes a Madame when adorned with a fried egg.  It is a very sensual and decadent sandwich, also quite messy to eat.  I have turned the Madame into a Madame Crostini, making it somewhat easier to eat and a little less filling.