Miso Tuna Burgers in Muffin Form with Sprouted Mung Bean

I’ve got a nice solution to the the dilemma of what to eat for dinner or pack for lunch during a busy work week when your cupboards and refrigerator may not be overflowing.

Roasted Tomato & Butternut Squash Soup

Yoga may have killed my burger mojo.

Fun Bún Bowl, Crab Stuffed Squash Blossoms and More

Over at my favorite Farmers Market site Foodlander, I’ve just created 4 great Farm to Table Dinner Ideas.  Head on over to check them out, and be sure to try the Vietnamese Cold Noodle Salad, the perfect healthy and flavorful summer meal!  

Summer Veg Dinner Ideas

This Summer at Foodlander I’ll be posting weekly Summer Vegetable Dinner Dishes focusing on intuitive cooking and adaptable recipes — it’s more of a collection of ideas and inspirations than a set of strict recipes.  First up:  cucumbers (I know, technically/botanically they may be considered a fruit), herbs, sugar snap peas and fingerling potatoes.  Here’s the link to my ideas for a cucumber salad,…

Phrench Dip (Pho + French Dip)

Recently we went to a Vietnamese restaurant I’ve been wanting to try for some time, not only because I like vietnamese food, but also to try their stand-out sandwich they call “Pho Baguette.”  It’s Pho-simmered-beef meets Bahn Mi.  A departure from tradition, to be sure, but what sounds wrong about brisket, pickled vegetables and pate on a french baguette moistened with broth?  Nothing!! Unfortunately, we…

Pea & Shoot Soup with Green Almond Garnish

This week at the Farmer’s Market I was intrigued by green almonds.  I’ve never had green almonds, nor read about them.  Upon sampling, I decided that their grassy, young flavor tanged up with some preserved lemons and chile would make a nice garnish for sweet pea soup. Fresh English Peas won’t be around for much longer and since I’m still nursing a healing mouth…