I’m Sue, hobbyist baker, writer and photographer.  I am an amateur by profession and training.  I’ve learned everything I know from either my Mom or from diving in and just trying.  Cooking and writing come naturally, photography comes half naturally (the aesthetic part) and half very unnaturally (the technical part — dread, then dogged and unrelenting effort, and finally humility and surrender).  I have a fondness for burgers and I love to bake.  Last year bread was my obsession.  This year pie stole me and I’m currently baking a pie a week.

I began this blog in 2013 as a journal to preserve and document what is going on in my kitchen and in my mind, and also to exercise my creativity, have fun, and nourish friends and family.  What I didn’t expect was to meet such a fun, spirited and supportive community of like minded folks here in the food blogging world, and it has made all the difference in continuing.

I do family law during the day in Portland, Oregon.  My husband and I just moved here from Santa Monica, CA, in August.  I grew up with dogs and I really want a dog soon.  I hope I’m not denied.

I grew up in a family where food was very important.  At breakfast we talk about what we’re doing for lunch, and dinner. Extended family vacations can be a little stressful that way.  My parents, Dad from Illinois and Mom from Eastern Pennsylvania, are in many ways old fashioned meat and potato people . . . now somewhat adapted to California and more modern tastes . . . that’s where I fall down too.  I don’t follow any particular diet, except that I don’t drink alcohol or coffee. I favor moderation, joy, social flexibility and ease of preparation and lifestyle when it comes to decisions as to what to eat or not eat.

Now that I’m older with my own family, I appreciate the deep cooking and eating gene my parents passed on to me. One of my favorite hobbies is collecting and reading cookbooks, and one of my goals for this blog is to share my experiences cooking from the hundreds of wonderful cookbooks I have.  I can take a rather goofball and playful approach to food sometimes.

Birger is both a play on one of my favorite foods, the (ham)burger, and a Scandinavian name from Old Norse, bjarga, meaning “to help, to save, to protect”.  Bird is a nickname I’ve acquired over the years and I stuck birger onto it for the name of this blog, which is here to help, save and protect.  No, just kidding.  I started my blog as a sort of food journal, to document restaurant and cookbook reviews, family recipes, my own original recipes, home entertaining, travel, and most of all my love affair with baking.


icelandic bread 2 (7 of 10)


Los Angeles: Dining Out

cranberry fool 2 (1 of 1)




10 (1 of 1)


I Love Cookbooks


Cooking at Home


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