Remembering Selma


The purpose of this post is to invite those of my readers who knew the wonderful Selma Jeevanjee to participate in a tribute to her.As you may know Selma passed away last Saturday, July 4, 2015 and she will be deeply, sadly missed.  My friends Elaine, Jhuls and Angie will be hosting a sort of permanent Fiesta Friday tribute to Selma where we encourage you to offer your own personal message to Selma, whether it be in recipe, photograph, poem or story form. We hope you join us in honoring Selma who was not only so knowledgeable in all things cooking, but also a loyal friend, cooking cheerleader, bread and natural sourdough enthusiast, and a resourceful and devoted mother.  The details about this special place for remembering Selma are here.

Stay tuned for my own message to Selma which I will have up on the blog by tomorrow.


22 Comments on “Remembering Selma

  1. Lovely post, Sue. I am still in shock. I have also prepared something for a page for Selma – probably will be on my blog tomorrow. Sending hugs to you…

  2. I think this is a wonderful way to honour one of the cornerstones of our blogging community, Sue. I only learned of Selma’s passing today and I am truly saddened.

  3. Such a heartfelt post! I’m sure all the posts this FF are making Selma happy. Thank for co-hosting, dear. xx

  4. It was such sad news and I am so glad we are all coming together to remember. I will miss her and her quirky, fun blogs!

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