Roasted and Raw Citrus Fennel Salad

One of the things I’ve been doing a lot of since returning to work full time is roasting vegetables at night, after dinner, while I’m on my evening stroll.  This allows us to fix a giant salad for dinner, with simple, ready fixings that are in the refrigerator such as salad greens, cucumber, tomato (well, the tomato’s not in the fridge . . . and never should be!!), and then add a warm element with re-heated roasted veggies, or also to heat up some bone broth, add some miso and pour over the re-heated veggies.  During winter I’m not big on cold salads for dinner and I simply don’t have time to cook a nice meal if I want to get to bed at a decent hour.

Since we are still deep into citrus season I thought I’d also roast some lemon, orange, tangerine and blood orange for a change, not only to add to salads but also to use in the salad dressing.  I was reluctant to roast the lovely fruits due to the fact that they are absolutely perfect peeled and eaten straight out of hand, but I do like variation so I gave it a try, and you should too.

We came up with a salad that featured raw sliced citrus, thinly sliced fennel and thinly sliced beets, together with roasted citrus, roasted fennel, and roasted beets.  Topped with chopped fennel fronds, toasted fennel seeds and a roasted citrus enhanced dressing, it was one of our best salads ever.  Not only that, it was beautiful to look at with all of the different colors and shapes . . . that is, before I photographed it.  After the photo session I promptly chopped everything and tossed it in a bowl to eat with a spoon.  Fabulous!

citrus salad (1 of 50)

Meyer Lemons, Clementine Tangerines, Blood Oranges


citrus salad (2 of 50)

citrus salad (4 of 50)

citrus salad (8 of 50)

citrus salad (12 of 50)

citrus salad (14 of 50)

citrus salad (17 of 50)

Yellow Beet, Candy Striped Beet, Red Beet


citrus salad (24 of 50)

Sliced Fennel and Beets, Olive Oil and Salt, Ready to Roast


citrus salad (23 of 50)

citrus salad (27 of 50)

Sliced Citrus Ready to Roast


citrus salad (28 of 50)

citrus salad (29 of 50)

I reserved some of the raw sliced fruit and veggies for the salad


citrus salad (33 of 50)

citrus salad (34 of 50)

citrus salad (35 of 50)

I love this shot of the wild looking beet end!


citrus salad (36 of 50)

citrus salad (37 of 50)

Everybody all together now


citrus salad (39 of 50)

citrus salad (38 of 50)

There’s another beet end!


citrus salad (40 of 50)

citrus salad (42 of 50)

citrus salad (43 of 50)

citrus salad (44 of 50)

citrus salad (49 of 50)

citrus salad (50 of 50)I regret not publishing a recipe but I didn’t use one and frankly I like to encourage folks to cook more intuitively. Simply slice up your fruits and veggies, roast half of them with some olive oil and salt for 20 – 30 minutes in a 475 F oven (I actually like to really blast my veggies at 500F for about 15 minutes and then turn the oven off).  Use the citrus drippings and perhaps one or two slices in your salad dressing.  Toss together with some fennel fronds, and perhaps some almonds or feta or goat cheese if you like more heft in your salad.

Happy Fiesta Friday #56 everyone !


48 Comments on “Roasted and Raw Citrus Fennel Salad

    • You’re so sweet Hilda, maybe I should look into this photography thing. I need to go see what you made this week. Have you been skating yet? Our winter rink just closed a short while ago and I didn’t make it this year. Also, did you by any chance happen to see any of the movie “The Decalogue” by Krzysztof Kieślowski ? The first or second short film featured a very heart wrenching story of a little fella who goes out onto the frozen lake to skate . . .

      • Yes, you should look into the photography thing. You obviously have a very good eye for it. Yes, I did go skating yesterday – sunny and cold but very invigorating and only fell once. Not sure if I’ll have anything ready for this week’s FF. No, I haven’t seen “The Decalogue” but thanks for the info. I’ll watch out for it. I only see movies when I go to Toronto where the Film Festival has a permanent venue where they show all the best movies. Around here though, – nada!

      • It’s an old (10 yrs or so, maybe a bit more) film, actually 10 very short films based on the 10 commandments but interpreted through post-modern lense . . . I thought it was brilliant even if somewhat obscure . . . you can probably find on Netflix if you do that sort of thing.

      • I’ll check on Netflix and if I can’t find it there I will refer to my film guru daughter.

    • thanks Nancy and I love your blood orange cookies too . . . I actually just saw the title but have not read through the post yet . . . .

  1. Thank you so much for sharing these absolutely stunning pictures with us, Sue. I love the rich colors. What a beautiful salad and beutiful combination of the light and fruity falvors from the fruit and the earthy flavor of the beets. And so healthy as well. I’m in love. 🙂 Definitel pinned. 🙂
    Happy Fiesta Friday to you.

    • Hi there world traveler. I know you’re sitting in some cafe in Colombia or your air conditioned hotel room . . . . slogging through hundreds of posts! Thank you for co-hosting this week and have a fabulous trip!

  2. Lovely lovely!!! You know I’ll love this 🙂 I roast vegetables all the time, but I’ve never tried including citrus fruits – and my tomatoes never live in the fridge either!!!

  3. Great concept and GORGEOUS pictures! I especially love the bad boy beet end juxtaposed in front of the wrought iron gate! Genius! Question Sue: why didn’t you roast the vegetables and citrus together?

    • Thanks Johanne, because my pan wasn’t big enough, neither my oven. I like them all to roast in one layer so that they don’t crowd and “steam.”

  4. OMG!! The pictures are incredibly beautiful. They need to be put in a food magazine or an art gallery. Amazing ❤

  5. How absolutely orgasmic to the eye Sue 🙂 The photos and arrangements are drop-dead-gorgeous! I can see you have fun with your camera. Oh, and the veggies look so fresh and healthy too. Grand job yet again dear Sue 🙂

  6. Wow – what utterly stunning photos, Sue and an absolutely gorgeous way to have salad too. I seem to be missing your posts in my inbox but I have just cleared out all of it now so that I should be able to see the emails I want to see!! Miss our ‘chats’. Hope you and Dapper are well xx

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