In My Kitchen February 2015

It’s been a while since I inventoried what was In My Kitchen, but my recent awesome success with the progeny of Celia@figjamandlimecordial’s sourdough starter Priscilla (Celia is the wonderwoman with a blog that’s a trove of cooking information, recipes and fun and who hosts In My Kitchen monthly), reminded me to pitch in.

So here’s what’s In My Kitchen:

First, I have a stove, and as Celia explains, Kim’s Mama doesn’t, so I donated and you should too!

Next, this amazing loaf of fennel pollen whole grain bread that I made using Selma’s starter which she grew from Celia’s starter.

sourdough (6 of 6)

I found some preserved Kadota figs that are really hard to stop eating, either on toast smashed or just out of the jar:

fig jam bread (9 of 16)

I found a solution for what to do with the sourdough starter that is instructed to be “thrown away” at each feeding.  I can’t bear to throw away so I made sourdough crumpets, using 100% starter, baking soda and salt.  You pour the batter into a biscuit cutter in a saucepan, let cook for 3 minutes on one side, flip and smash down, and cook for 2 minutes on second side.  Like an English Muffin!

sourdough (2 of 6)

sourdough (1 of 6)

This raw cranberry/coconut cream puree that I’ve been using to dollop over morning porridge:

cranberry fool 3 (12 of 14)

Buckwheat flour I’ve been using to make noodles, with varying degrees of success.

buckwheat squash choc 2 (5 of 6)

Sardines, yep I cleaned them out myself and cured them in oil.

slanted door (5 of 9)

This book:

slanted door 2 (21 of 21)

Ridiculously good raw almond butter made with coconut oil.  Cardamom clove flavor.  Pictured here with a piece of chocolate smashed, and a glass of blood orange juice.

aztec choc (1 of 2)

Heirloom white beans:

bean soup 2 (19 of 34)

This cookbook:

bean soup 2 (31 of 34)

Bean Pascal (soup) made with the white beans using the recipe from the Mexico Book:

bean soup 3 (6 of 6)

I’ve been cooking a lot of cauliflower cores recently.  Blanching then either dipping into sauce, tossing in salads, or roasting in olive oil and harissa.

cores (6 of 12)

Kimchee pancakes using rice flour and rice noodles.  Thank you David Tanis!

david tanis 3 (1 of 1)

Citrus, citrus and more citrus!

fiesta friday #1 (5 of 21)

Phew, well that about does it!  What’s in your kitchen this month?


49 Comments on “In My Kitchen February 2015

  1. your photographs are amazing. I dont think I could eat the fish though, but everything else, wow. I am so wanting to make bread like that, i wouldn’t know where to start. I am needing to go wheat free and everything here that is gluten/wheat free is disgusting to taste, am tempted to just try it myself but need to learn a lot i think x

  2. OMG Kimchee pancakes! I’m obsessed with korean these days. And you’re the second person whose been cooking amazing things from that Mexico Cookbook. Should I get it? I didn’t realize you could eat the base of a cauliflower. I mean I knew you could, but I didn’t think it would be good. Brilliant! I love sardines so much. And I agree with you, cleaning them yourself makes you feel like a real cook. It brings you closer to the food you eat and brings with it an appreciation. Great post. I didn’t realize you started up work again? Still law?

    • Hi Amanda, still law, yes. I got real lucky though with an amazing amazing firm, so I’m grateful. Don’t get the Mexico Cookbook I’ll mail it to you! (mine). No headnotes so no interesting background or stories, but perhaps you would still like it. And yes, cauliflower bases are like broccoli stems except you don’t have to peel any of it. I LOVE them! Cheers!

    • p.s. let’s make something Korean “together” and see how different it turns out in photos, etc (maybe before we post) just for fun!!! Pick a dish or recipe!!!!!

  3. Such an amazing post and inspiring. I might indulge myself next time. It’s always fun to share the new stuff and recipes from your kitchen.
    Eyeing those cookbooks and when you will share the recipes from those.

  4. Oh my the photos are gorgeous Sue! And the sardines looks so tasty! How delicious they would be with a ripped edge of that beautiful bread…yum, what perfection. 🙂

    • Thanks Bonnie . . . and by the way my new job is a block away from the American Tea Room . . . I will make a visit real soon!!!

  5. Look at all of this amazing food!!! Man oh man does Fiesta Friday do a number on my appetite! Great pics! Thank you for hosting FF this week Sue!! 🙂

  6. That is a hell of a lot going on in your kitchen dear Sue… 🙂 Wow, I feel like your month must be longer than mine 😀 All excuses from my end.
    I feel soooo bad not having used Selma’s starter yet. But I definitely will when I get back. I even bought the baking dish she recommended but didn’t get any further.
    I love that you made your own crumpets. Never waste any food, right? And they look delicious. 🙂
    The modern vietnamese cookbook looks great. I should probably go out and buy that.
    Have a wonderful weekend, Sue. 🙂

    • Haha, thanks but that’s probably the last of those cooking episodes, as I returned to work full time and will probably only be cooking post-worthy things that I can photograph in the light, on the weekends. Ah, life. Oh well. Have a fabulous vacation!

  7. I am in love both with your amazing photography and your food! I wish I was half as good as you . Your food is so healthy!

  8. Sue, you make me fall in love with your photography EACH TIME I look at it!! How beautiful are these, and I can’t decide which I wish I could taste first because I want it all!! Can I come and learn from you??

    • Haha of course but it will be a mutual learning session . . . and by the way I just realized we are related because of the egg thing . . . your little bubble and squeak/sausage/egg stack features eggs JUST the way I’m making them right now . . . and photographing them!

  9. First I scroll through your post for the lovely photos, then go back read through for interesting content. Kimchi pancakes sound tempting, but I’ll have to settle for sourdough waffles from this week’s “discard”. What patience you must have to clean and debone sardines; I gave up after one go at pickling herring due to the gazillion little bones.

    • Thank you Dee! The real patience lies in all the dishes I must wash because we do not have a dishwasher 😦

  10. Sue, thanks for joining in and for spreading the word about Kim! Lovely bread you’ve baked, so glad Selma sent you some starter! Your sourdough crumpets look great! We never throw starter away, we always make pancakes! 🙂

    • Hi Celia, thank you so much. I had even better luck with my second loaf where I really followed the instructions better . . . unfortunately I was also up twice in the middle of the night to “turn” the dough per Chad Robertson (Tartine) instructions, because I just am not around during the day when I am working and weekends are all crazy sometimes with commitments. I really want to take a bread shaping lesson but I suppose practice is the best remedy! I am always so happy to help out our fellow friends who have the courage to ask for help!!!

    • Hey Beck, thanks for stopping by! I love the name of your blog, now I must go see what you’re up to!!!

  11. Sue, I love your makeshift sourdough starter muffins hot off the stove! (And thank you kindly for mentioning my lack of one. xo) Your vibrant writing and photography were just the treat I needed this morning. (I also made a lil’ side trip to the Pork Pie tab at the top of your blog… oh yum…) Thanks again for all of the above!

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