Sonal’s Tandoori Spiced Tempeh Bowl

Santa’s best present to me this year was two packets of homemade Indian spice mixes from Sonal over at Simply Vegetarian777.They arrived in the mail and, as is our custom they sat along with the other mail on the dining room table for a few hours until it was time to check on bills and other paperwork.  As I was doing some work on my computer on that table, the smell of the spices was haunting me.  Every once in a while I would get a powerful hit of smoky aroma, and after about an hour I could wait no longer.  I opened them up and put the Curry Melange to work, in a tomato/fennel/celery/mung bean sprout soup.  The soup was so good that we used it for days, as soup, as pasta sauce, and on top of rice.

I also made some killer roasted cauliflower with this mix.

roasted cauli 2 (3 of 7)

roasted cauli (3 of 8)

roasted cauli (4 of 8)

roasted cauli (5 of 8)

roasted cauli (6 of 8)

roasted cauli (7 of 8)

roasted cauli (8 of 8)

This week I decided to dig into the Tandoori marinade.  Not having meat in the house I decided to “marinate” some tempeh in the Tandoori mix overnight, then saute and oven bake it to lock in the flavor.  Rounded out with some 3 day bone broth, some celery hearts, and a mix of sprouted mung beans, sunflower seeds and pepitas, I had a meal to die for last night.  Unfortunately during the assembling of the soup I ate more than my share of the tandoori tempeh, and so my soup was rather sparse on the protein!

tempeh bowl (17 of 25)

I’m not sure what exactly Sonal put in her spice mixtures, but I can say that they are leaps and bounds better than the fine mixes I get at Penzey’s and even at the Spice Station here in Los Angeles, the latter being a very elite and expertly curated store for spices.  I am very excited that her spices are in the works to go commercial, so that I can have use of them all the time and not just when I beg her for more out of her kitchen!

tempeh bowl (1 of 25)

Starting with Sliced Plain Tempeh

tempeh bowl (2 of 25)

tempeh bowl (3 of 25)

Just 1 Teaspoon of Tandoori Marinade

tempeh bowl (6 of 25)


tempeh bowl (9 of 25)


tempeh bowl (10 of 25)

tempeh bowl (14 of 25)

tempeh bowl (15 of 25)

tempeh bowl (21 of 25)

tempeh bowl (23 of 25)

tempeh bowl (24 of 25)I am bringing this bowl of soup to Angie’s Fiesta Friday #51, hosted this week by Juju and Jhuls.  Have a wonderful time at the party and of course a lovely weekend!


43 Comments on “Sonal’s Tandoori Spiced Tempeh Bowl

  1. I’m happy that you were one of the recipients of Sonal’s spice mixtures. You have put it to such good use. Beautiful pictures of another of your original creations.

    • Thank you Hilda. I think we both like really putting our unique stamp on dishes, I can’t wait to see what you made this week.

  2. If Sonal ever decides to sell her spices, she needs to hire you fir promotional pictures! Just gorgeous, making the spices look as good as I am sure they taste! Wow

  3. It never ceases to amaze me how innovative all of you are with Sonal’s spices. You’ve come up with some gorgeous dishes and presentations. Your photos as always are drop-dead gorgeous Sue 🙂 Great post!

  4. As I’m scrolling through your photos…I’m thinking to myself that you need to frame these and sell them. They’re gorgeous, Sue! Yet another creative and delicious meal that has come from your kitchen… Love this. ❤

  5. Oh I like tempeh, but I have to admit I’ve never made it because it’s hard to get around here. There’s a spicy Indonesian tempeh dish which is amazing! This looks comforting for winter!

  6. I have heard about Sonal’s spice blend, most recently in Angie’s post. She should sell it with all of the good comments that have been made. Your pictures always make the food look so inviting that I just want to reach out and take a bite. Thanks for bringing all of these goodies to FF # 51. I cannot wait for the first anniversary of Fiesta Friday next week – hope to see you then 🙂

  7. I’ve already bookmarked this, Sue. It looks fantastic! I also received Sonal’s spices and I just used the Tandoori Spice last night in a marinade for chicken. It was fabulous!! The spice is sooo good, I just may have to ration it out until Sonal is ready to sell it to the masses.

    • I agree, I need to ration as well. I’m so happy for Sonal and I hope these just take off!!!!

  8. The cauliflower looks amazing! I have some of Sonal’s spice that will soon me making it’s day view too. Your pictures are so amazing Sue! You should teach photography. Maybe you do?

    • haha, thank you, the cauliflower was my favorite! and no I do not teach but what a compliment!!!

  9. Beautiful beautiful. I love your cauliflower, the tandoori tempeh the whole bowl of goodness. I have some spices from Sonal and am still working on what to make but the aroma is driving me crazy, it’s so good I find myself going to the corner of my kitchen where I have the spices just to inhale the exotic and delicious aroma. I keep changing my mind on what to make, I saw Angie’s now yours I am inspired and can’t wait to dig in. The fact that she is in the works to market her spices is exciting and I know that I will be one of her customers for sure.

  10. I mean…how is this even humanly possible to do? The unique recipes and the out-of-this-world photos? Where’s the book already? That’s what you should be doing! Writing a book! And Sonal’s spices? The best I’ve had! 🙂

  11. Sue, I saw this post yesterday morning. Liked it! Bookmarked it! Saved it for reading later. And later came this morning. What acrazy busy day it was, working in some last minute nuances for the magazine.

    I am in awe of this post. Thanks so much for such a big shout out. Such a creative use of tandoori masala with tempeh! Amazing. That soup looks to dive into and gorgeous clicks. The one with solo cauliflower one is a killer and the one with spoon ful of soup too!
    When I sent out my spice mixes to couple of my blogger buddies, I had no idea in my head of any of you blogging about it. I am so touched that all of you are ao kind and generous to do a shout out post on my spices. I am going to compile all the recipes and publish together.
    Thanks a ton!

    • Hi Sonal it must be a wonderful time for you right now full of lots of happy and hopeful thoughts . . . I remember that’s how I felt when my pie won a prize and people started asking for it and eating it and tell me how good it was. Just made my day over and over! Unfortunately it is NOT easy to make pies if you have meat fillings and sell them . . . you need a business license and need to be cooking in an approved commercial kitchen, which means all kinds of rental fees and time restrictions. I digress. Spices are amazing, keep them coming and let me know how much they cost because let me tell you I will get them for my friends here in LA and spread the word!!!

      • I so apprecIte gour kind words Sue! I still have ro look into the technicalities of it. Its going to be a small home based business with no actual cooking required. Have to inveat in a commercial grade spice blender. Reading about those these days.
        I owned a business few years ago of hand made jewelery and other handicrafts but it was a different game. Thanks a lot for your support. The brand is going to be “The Spice Factory” ;).

      • omg I will have to make a tandoori spiced and also curry beer braised pork PIE!!!!!!

  12. This this beautiful. What a gorgeous spice. What a beautiful bowl of warmth for the winter. Sue, you have outdone yourself. I love the direction you’ve been moving in. Yum.

    • Thanks Amanda I am having lots of fun with my photography and cooking right now, and yet with no drive or direction in terms of making a living out of it, like most of us and you I do it for fun and free, to feed my creative spirit and all kinds of other reasons. So, alas, back to law for me to pay the bills!! Thank you as always for your kind words. Heading over to see your site right now!

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