Isn’t Stalking Fun?

This week I’m co-hosting a weekly blogging event with my good friend Selma @selmastable that has become a fondly anticipated part of my week, maybe the only fondly anticipated part of my week these days as I am, ahem, up to my ears in self promoting and self-selling as I stalk out a job.  I’m stalking attorneys, stalking my fellow party goers at Fiesta Friday #50 to see what they’ve brought, so I might as well be stalking in my kitchen.Between 2 stalks of fennel and a stalk of celery I’ve come up with pancakes, finnochio al forno and a soup shooter with sprouts and my good friend Sonal’s spice mix.  Here’s what I mean:

fennel (2 of 5)

Fennel Stalks

fennel (3 of 5)

fennel (4 of 5)

Sliced Bulbs

celery (10 of 15)

Quartered Bulbs and Stalks  . . . Al Forno with Cream and Parmesan

celery (11 of 15)

celery (12 of 15)

fennel soup 2 (1 of 1)

Next Up: Celery Stalks

fennel soup 3 (1 of 1)

fennel (5 of 5)

Together with Sliced Bulbs

celery (6 of 15)

Add Sonal’s fabulous Curry Melange

fennel soup (1 of 6)

Fennel Roasted Up, with Celery, Celery Leaves, Bone Broth and Tomato

fennel soup (2 of 6)

Whizzed in Blender and Topped with Sprouted Chickpeas and Mung Beans . . . and a few golden raisins

fennel soup (3 of 6)

fennel soup (4 of 6)

fennel soup (5 of 6)

fennel soup (6 of 6)

celery (3 of 15)

Celery Stalks and Leaves Chopped Up


celery (5 of 15)

In Pan with Rice Flour, Egg, Grated Cucumber and Its Water, Cumin Seed and Sriracha

Pancake Time

Pancake Time

celery (14 of 15)

I Know, it looks more like a boat than a pancake


43 Comments on “Isn’t Stalking Fun?

  1. What an innovative name for this post and super-creative dishes! Sonal’s spice mix with sprouts- lovely combo. The pictures have me drooling.

  2. Everything about this is gorgeous. Love the dishes, love the photo’s and so glad to see you co hosting at FF#50. The spice mixes look amazing as does that dish with the sprouts. How do you get those photo’s they are amazing.

  3. I marvel at your ability to make such elegant dishes from simple ingredients. I happen to have some “organic” celery and fennel I wanted to use, and was trying to think of some creative way to use them. Thank goodness for FF and bloggers like you. And thanks also for co-hosting this week.

    • Thank you Hilda. You could make a soup and then make a fish pate melt sandwich (grilled) . . . not a “patty melt” but a “pate melt.” !

  4. What a beautiful post, Sue! I have been feasting my eyes on your beautiful photos and thinking how delicious and healthy your food looks!
    Thanks so much for co-hosting FF for all of us! We all really appreciate it! Happy New Year, as well! 😀

  5. Wow! A page full of so much flavour and goodness and all captured in fabulous photos!!! Good luck with your ‘stalking’ and enjoy co hosting with lovely Selma xx

  6. Beautiful pictures, Sue. I love it. Especially the celery from the top, looks amazing! 🙂 Sometimes it’s great to let the pictures speak for themselves. 🙂 Awesome.
    I’m absolutely in love with the soup. It looks delicious and just perfect for a rainy day we have here in Germany at the moment. It’s horrible outside and I’d love a delicious soup right now.
    Thank you so much for co-hosting and happy FF 🙂

    • Thanks Tina and you may have noticed from my recent comments I am really enamored with your blog right now too. It’s been looking extraordinary!

  7. Sue, Al Forno with Cream and Parmesan immediately caught my eyes, I love this kind of dish and your pictures are beautiful. Thank you for co-hosting this week Fiesta-Friday:)

  8. I loved this post so much, I had to get back to it! Your photographs are stunning, you make vegetables look sexy, my dear 😉
    Thanks for hosting – it’s such a great party to be part of so I really appreciate the extra time you put in to pull it off!

  9. Now I know what you meant with the mung beans Sue 😀 Such stunning pictures and everything you make looks brilliant!! Happy FF and thankyou for hosting 🙂

  10. Wow Sue, you’ve done it again! Food porn I’d call it, and such a clever title to boot! It’s as though your hoping that these pictures that you’re scrolling through don’t ever end. Such depth, finesse, and artistry in this post. Wonderful job! Thanks for co-hosting!

  11. Wow those photos. What an awesome dish! Hilarious title. Stalking is totally fun 🙂 Fennel has never looked more beautiful. Well done!

    • Thank you! You and I are both closet aspiring writers so you know I like to use my blog as a platform for my weird wordplay, humor and of course wisdom!

  12. HI Sue, I wasn’t able to moderate your comment on my page (too bad I”m not an IT guy), but I wanted to say thank you. I’m still building the page so i saw a bunch of comments later. I probably should have gotten help. I just wanted more control over the design. As for the mole dish. .. so good. It makes me want to try my hand at a traditional mole. There are so many kinds! Thanks as always for your thoughtful comments. More soon. .. xo

    • Haha, thanks . . now that takes determination to reply to a comment I made on one of your posts, by posting a comment on a totally different post from my blog! Thanks Amanda!!

      • Maybe I’m crazy, but I really do appreciate the comments. You’re site is looking amazing these days btw.

  13. I loved your cool original title, dear Su!
    I am a big fennel lover & love it in the oven with cream & Parmesan too,…other georgous tasty recipes & dishes,…very Yum yum yummmm! 😀😀

    • Hi Sophie thanks as always for your nice words! I just love your blog and can’t wait to see what you’re making next!

  14. I had a crazy period during my vacations in Italy… no time at all for my blog and even for you guys… but I’m back! Let me clap my hands for this amazing recipe and for the beautiful photos!

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