Hot Pink Tofu Fesenjan

My friends of Persian and Middle Eastern origin may want to slap me for making up this dish and the cheesy title . . . sorry folks.  I’ve had too many beige foods over the holidays — bratwurst, pork roast & shoulder, sauerkraut, bread dumpling, gravy, etc., and I felt an itch of playfulness coming on.  No sooner was I buried in my reading chair with Lucia Shafia’s book, Lucid Food, when I realized I had all the necessary ingredients for Fesenjan, the unctuous, savory/sweet chicken and pomegranate molasses/walnut sauce dish, except I lacked chicken.  I am not crazy about chicken anyhow, unless it’s deep friend — it’s an okay bird but to me is more of a “blank canvas” food, meant for sauces.  Enter the “red ticket” organic sprouted bean curd at my local chain grocery store (?! for $2.49 for over a pound).  What better for Angie’s Fiesta Friday #49 than a hot pink dish?  Thank you to my dear friend Mr. Fitz @cookingwithmrfitz for co-hosting this week with Kalia @glutenfree247

Take a beet and some walnuts (I found red walnuts)

Take a beet and some walnuts (I found red walnuts)

Add some pomegranate molasses (or paste), and also some onion, garlic , cayenne and cinnamon

Add about 1/4 cup pomegranate molasses (or paste), and also half a chopped onion, 2 cloves smashed garlic , and a teaspoon each of cayenne and cinnamon






fesenjan (6 of 19)

Toast your nut and roast your beet in quarterss, then saute everything together in olive oil over medium low heat until onion is soft but not caramelized. Add 1 cup any kind of broth and blend. Season to taste with salt and pepper. For a fresher, zingier sauce, or if you’re feeling lazy or on a yoga cleanse like me . . . throw everything in the blender raw and season to your liking.

fesenjan (8 of 19)

Walk your glass of sauce around the house holding it up to light and things like that, for fun. 🙂

fesenjan (9 of 19)

fesenjan (10 of 19)

fesenjan (11 of 19)

fesenjan (12 of 19)

To your sauce add cubed tofu.

fesenjan (13 of 19)

Heat over medium low heat for about 15 minutes.

fesenjan (14 of 19)

fesenjan (15 of 19)

Goes well with rice, quinoa, greens.

fesenjan (16 of 19)

The sauce was really delicious prepared as I did, with raw ingredients, and I thought might be a wonderful addition to ground meat for meatballs, and also as a base for soup, perhaps adding potato or roasted pureed cauliflower for starchiness.  And who doesn’t love hot pink in the dead of winter?

Have a wonderful weekend!


27 Comments on “Hot Pink Tofu Fesenjan

  1. Love the pink! I made fesenjun with sumac, but the colour comes nowhere close to your gorgeous pink.

  2. Lovely recipe. I stay in the middle eastern region but never heard of this. Soo much we can learn from the fellow bloggers. 🙂

  3. Now that is a way to get me to eat tofu! If of course you could get the glass back off me as I too would wander all over the house to look at the pretty colours!

    • Exactly, just need to round it out with spuds and flatbread right? And a couple of daaaawgs.

  4. I love fesenjan, and I love hot pink, what a lovely bright dish. Tofu, beet, raw. WOW!!! I think you made an incredible dish, with beautiful photo’s. Amazing!!

  5. Wow! just blown away by your amazing photos, I haven’t even had time to read the recipe. But your photo shots and arrangements are just out of this world!

    • Thank you Loretta, it’s a pretty “loose” recipe and easy to make. I hope you are continuing to progress and have fun with your photos too!

      • Ha ha Sue, not sure if I’m progressing, but I’m actually using the Manual mode on my camera now, paying attention to ISO, and all that camera jargon. I’m taking a Blogging 101 course starting tomorrow, so look out world, I’ll be tweaking my blog, but it won’t be anywhere as awesome as yours :))

      • No you can sign up for it on WP. It starts tomorrow, it’s free and it lasts for 4 weeks. You can meet like-minded folks who enjoy blogging, and also learn tips n’ tricks from the WP team. I plan to take the Photography one too at a later date.

  6. While the title made be cheesy, I love the festive hot pink color. It goes so well with the rice quinoa and greens as well. I can’t wait to try this out at the fiesta, thank you so much for bringing it! Happy 2015! 😀

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