Blueberry Cornmeal Cake (for Angie’s Birthday)

This may be one of the best desserts I’ve ever tasted.  No surprise that it is one of Huckleberry Cafe’s best seller. The recipe comes from Zoe Nathan’s Huckleberry Cookbook which I have been cooking through in a whirlwind of kitchen madness and mess, and it is moist, dense, buttery, and the flavors of corn and blueberry are made for each other.

I made this cake yesterday and gave it to my husband to take to a baby shower he is attending at his job today.  When it came out of the oven and I plated it, it looked and smelled so good that I felt a twinge of sadness (you know, angry sadness) I wouldn’t get a bite.  In addition, I did not cut into it so that my husband could do so at the proper time, so there weren’t enough photographs for a post for this Fiesta Friday #39.  And I wanted to put candles on it and stuff, you know, for Angie’s birthday. So I made another one, this morning, and I’m really glad I did.  Full, but glad.

Obviously I cannot re-publish this recipe but I will tell you what goes into the cake and I urge you not only to buy the book but even if you don’t buy the book, play around with the ratios until you get a batter that is thick and fluffy, and not pourable.  It’s got butter, sugar, salt, flour, cornmeal, vanilla, maple syrup, ricotta, whole milk greek yoghurt, eggs, baking soda and baking powder.  That’s it!

Happy Birthday, Angie and Happy Fiesta Friday to my co-host Suzanne at a pug in the kitchen and all our party-goers.  Have a wonderful weekend!

Cornmeal cake 2 (5 of 5)

Why Oh Why Do I Always Do This?

Right now there are two things I keep doing over and over, and yet I fail to remember my lesson.  One is not checking my camera to make sure the memory card is inserted (so that I don’t end up shooting hundreds of “non photos”) and the other is pouring flour into my creamed butter and sugar and then turning the mixer up to medium speed right away, so that I have a flour eruption all over the kitchen.  Ugh!!!!!

Smell-A-Vision, Please

Smell-A-Vision, Please

This cake not only smelled wonderful while baking, but also when done baking, when you put your nose up real close and wish you could take a bite.

blueberry cornmeal (2 of 5)

The Baby Shower Cake — fell a little more than this morning’s cake and I have no idea why

Cornmeal cake 2 (1 of 5)

“Angie’s” Cake, same ingredients, same method, same procedure . . . it must have stayed risen better due to Angie’s birthday today!

blueberry cornmeal (4 of 5)

blueberry cornmeal (5 of 5)

Cornmeal cake (4 of 5)

I added some blueberry caramel for the birthday girl


Cornmeal cake 3 (1 of 3) Cornmeal cake 3 (3 of 3)

Cornmeal cake (5 of 5)


59 Comments on “Blueberry Cornmeal Cake (for Angie’s Birthday)

  1. That is a beautiful cake! I will put this book on my Christmas wish list, if I can wait that long. Thanks for co-hosting this week. The party will be in good hands and I always enjoy reading your comments.

    • Thank you Hilda I can’t wait to sit down and read your crab apple creation. Have a great weekend with lots of foraging fun!

      • It shouldn’t take you long to read – one of the simplest things I have made, but that jelly is a bit of a triumph for me. After all, there is hardly anything written on sea-buckthorn as yet.

    • Oh, fancy seeing you here! Thank you Suzanne! I just saw a pug outside my front door and went to say hello to him and his owner . . . thought of you of course. I think pugs may be the only “little” dogs I like. I’m more of a big dog person but those little pug faces are irresistible!

      • I was always a big big dog person before the pugs came into my life i fell in kove with their squishy faces and wonderful personalities.

      • the other dogs I really like are the ones with the huge squishy faces that pant super loud and barely move when walking

      • yes ma’am! there’s one that goes by our house every day and he is the sweetest darned thing but always looks like he’s suffering so!

  2. Glorious Sue!!! Love that candle trying to get some attention in the back corner…:). Another delectable post and Happy Birthday Angie!!

  3. Your cake looks amazing – I love the shape of the tin as it creates an amazing pattern with those blueberries – thank you so much for giving it a second go 😉
    Must fins out about the recipe now, especially as I’ve never heard of Huckleberry’s Cafe …

  4. That looks incredible. Maybe you should keep going for the flour bomb with your Kitchen Aid because it’s working 🙂 What is blueberry caramel sauce? I’ve never heard of it and I want some. Ricotta and yogurt together in a cake must be incredibly moist and delicious. I’ve added the cookbook to my wish list.

  5. Wow!! I’ve really got to get this book now Sue. You have made so many delicious things from it but this cake is the clincher! And that pan…Funny how the two cakes behaved differently. Sometimes it’s the moisture in the air that can affect it. And thanks again for co-hosting!!

    • Oh sure Selma I really enjoy hosting a lot. And thank you for the kind comments, I urge you to get the book and let’s get through it as well as Plenty More . . . before the end of the year! (2015?)

  6. Wow Sue, this is just gorgeous! Love, love, love the cake! One question I do have though, do you have a special light for that amazing photography? I mean, look at how your picture shows in the oven – it is dazzling, I bet mine would never turn out that way. Thanks for co-hosting too, no small feat for sure. Happy Fiesta Friday. 🙂

    • Hi Loretta,

      Thank you for your kind comments. I have a Canon digital camera that has a setting for aperture (the hole or opening through which the light travels) so that you can set it to let in more light. Patty Nguyen told me to aim for a certain number so that’s what I do. The digital takes much better pictures than my iPhone and also when I have my digital on aperture setting (as opposed to “auto” setting which automatically sets off the flash in certain circumstances) it takes much better pictures than when on the auto setting.

      • Thanks for that detailed comment Sue, much appreciated. I too have a Canon digital camera, and I’m still trying to learn all the bells and whistles. I must admit though, I find aperture and other settings a tad overwhelming, but I know I want to learn. I usually have it set at “auto”, but I know I can get much better pictures if I tried to get the right aperture setting. So what did Patty suggest you use on the aperture setting? Selma Jevanjee also has a good link on food styling and photography. Waiting to hear back at your convenience – I know you are co-hosting and are busy. Perhaps you can send me your email address, so I don’t ask all these silly questions on your wall :). Thanks Sue 🙂

      • Hi Loretta the number I shoot for (at the bottom very left of camera when you are looking in to take a picture . . . tap your finger lightly before pressing down fully to take the picture and it will give you the “numbers” is between 125 and 200) my email is Email me any time!

  7. Great looking cake and loaded with blueberries! I too have the same problem with my KitchenAid Professional 600 and it really makes a mess sometimes – it is a powerful machine. Thanks for the info you gave Loretta as I am always trying to figure out how to take better pictures 🙂

  8. oh my gosh, that’s gorgeous. I think I need to buy that book. I think I need to buy that pan. I think I need to go and get the ingredients for this beautiful cake (after I buy the book, of course..) And I’m so happy to see your KitchenAid looking like that after making a cake! I’ve always thought that it was just me that had a huge clean up afterward!! ❤ Love this. Love you.

  9. Oh this is just a gorgeous cake Sue! I know….few mistakes we keep repeating in the excitement of creating the dish faster than ever ;)…. But what is a cake making if there is no clean up of mess later …hahaa!!!
    That cake has risen so well and looks stunning.

  10. Whoa, Sue! You made this awesome cake for my birthday, with a candle and everything? Thank you so much! It looks amazing! And I can almost taste it just by looking at the gorgeous photos. I must have that cookbook. You’ve teased me enough to buy it. 🙂

    Enjoyed this post very much, Sue! Lol on that exploding Kitchenaid and taking non-photos. Happened to me many times! You have my sympathy 🙂 🙂

    • I hope you had a great Birthday Angie and thanks again for making all of this FF fun possible!

  11. Your first line really got me! “This may be one of the best desserts I’ve ever tasted.”
    Now I’m crazy looking for ways to get that cookbook 😦
    Happy Fiesta Friday and thanks for co-hosting this week’s party!!!

  12. In my opinion life without corn flour wouldn’t be the same, am I wrong? I’m used to make a cornmeal cake, the recipe is a traditional Italian recipe, but I’ve never tried to add berries…. smart idea Sue! I’m going to try your version next time!

  13. Sue, this cake looks phenomenal!! Smell-a-vision defintiely worked and not being able to taste it made me tear up a little… 🙂

  14. Awww – you are so sweet, Sue. ❤ The cake is so beautiful.

    And don't worry about doing that messy stuff all the time – you are not alone. 😀

    • exactly, and funny that the author says at the very end . . . and while I’m giving you all of my secrets, these make wonderful muffins! Thanks as always Amanda.

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