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Market Day and Steak with Butter (11 of 19)


This month I want to join Celia at Fig Jam and Lime Cordial and all her cooking compadres sharing with you what’s “In My Kitchen.”  Celia’s blogs is one of those that I long to have more time to kick off my shoes and read all the way through, it’s such a wonderful canvas of musings, homey recipes, good advice and major DIY goodness (make your own butter!).

At any given time I’ve got lots of fresh, cooked, preserved and other edibles in my kitchen, along with a mess waiting to be cleaned up and cookbooks strewn all over the counter.  This week I attempted to jam some elderberries (I’ll never do that again, or I’ll find some other poor sucker to pick each and every tiny berry from it’s potentially poisonous stem); harvested some pomegranates from our front yard; continued to buy and cook and eat grapes; made a curry with green beans; did some fun things with unripened and ripened dates; found heaven at an apron store; tried some gourmet marshmallows; read up a bit; found licorice jam; cooked a red kuri squash; made bran muffins; and set out lots of relish appetizer dishes at dinner time.

What is in your kitchen right now?  I’d love to see and hear!

Elderberries & Roast Peaches (2 of 10)

Elderberries & Roast Peaches (3 of 10)


holy shit! (1 of 1)

Pomegranates from our front yard 

books (1 of 1)

Loving these books right now

marshies (1 of 1)

One Swag Item from my pie contest winnings package



Curty (1 of 1)

Onion, cherry tomato, beet green and green bean curry

choco (1 of 1)

The most beautiful aprons in the world are at Hedley & Bennett

grapes (1 of 1)

Still buying tons of grapes!

scallop bacon grape (1 of 1)

Scallops with bacon and grapes

Fresh Dates (1 of 1)

OMG fresh dates

Date Bars (5 of 9)

You can eat these as they are, they taste a little bit like asian pears only denser and not as watery

Date Bars (4 of 9)

Date Bars (9 of 9)

Date Oat Bars

Bars (1 of 1)

These lasted all of 5 minutes in my kitchen

Egg Wash (1 of 1)

Red Kuri Squash

Muffins 2 (1 of 9)

Bran Muffins with Raspberries

choco (1 of 1)

My #1 Favorite Fruit

Fig Ball (1 of 1)

Roasted Fig Ball wrapped in grape leaves

choco (4 of 4)

Licorice Jam

choco (3 of 4)

choco (2 of 4)

Dinner Tray (1 of 1)

Relish Tray with Summer Sausage, Marcona Almonds, Anchovy Stuffed Olives, Cukes, Green Beans and Light Baba Ganoush




51 Comments on “In My Kitchen

  1. I know your kitchen has been crazy busy with all your cooking and huckleberry-ing, but wow, there is so much going on in this post! When are you going to open your restaurant? Which river cottage book is that? I only have the Meat one and it is a fantastic resource. I was thinking of buying a couple of his other ones for Jesse’s birthday because he loves the Meat one so much. Love your IMK post and photos, as always, are a delight to look at.

    • Hi Ngan, the cookbook is the (I think) first and just called “The River Cottage Cookbook.” It’s really great, I love it. I am not going to open my own restaurant because I just don’t have the drive . . . perhaps if I was 20 years younger . . . but honestly I just don’t want to work that hard. I love cooking for my hubby and friends and family but other than that I’m just not as driven as I once was. 🙂 Maybe a supper club thing or something like that.

      • I know it’s very time consuming and unbelievably hard to run a food establishment. Cooking for pleasure is so different than cooking for profit I’m sure. A supper club sounds like a great idea! I might have to do that in addition to book club, or maybe combine the two into an all day affair.

  2. So many delicious things in your kitchen. Are those persimmons in the box? Licorice jam is something I have to try – love all things licorice – unless they’re sold in a convenience store that is. And speaking of marshmallows and licorice, I used to buy Dutch licorice marshmallows when we lived in Singapore. I can’t say I have anything that outstanding in my kitchen. Right now, just trying to deal with the last of the produce from my garden.

    • how interesting, dutch licorice marshmallows! The licorice jam I found in a very old and established Italian deli that has everything you could possibly want EVER in terms of prepared foods. I can’t go in there that often because I end up getting things that are really not necessities and more expensive than I feel comfortable spending money on.

  3. What an amazing selection of foods you have – you are a real inspiration! The fig ball is just amazing 🙂 Thanks for inviting us round!

    • Sure! That fig ball, just what I needed, right? That’s what my husband said, “Oh, just what we need!!”

    • You’re so sweet, and I forgot to tell you that your pixie is one of the reasons I cut my hair . . . you can see your pretty face so well with short hair and it looks so minimalist and modern and chic.

  4. What a stunner of a post Sue…your photos are gorgeous – that still life of the pom is a money shot if ever I saw one. And I love, love, love the one of you in that gorgeous apron. Liquorice jam sounds amazing – I plan to google that in a sec!! I’ve seen the unripe dates around but now I am tempted to get some – they sound rather nice! I think a supper club is a wonderful idea – it sounds like the perfect medium to channel your creativity but not exhaust you!! xx

    • Hello Selma, thank you for your kind words. I feel kind of funny sometimes posting pictures of myself, but hey who else is gonna wear my apron? I am totally secretly in love with that apron and I really want to buy one for all of my friends. You should check out the catalogue and pick one out ! Maybe you have a birthday coming up that I can treat you ? 🙂 My mom is going to love her apron, that place is so inspiring, the woman is 27 years old and she’s ready to take on the world, literally. Now I have to get over to FF! Have a fabulous weekend across the pond!

  5. wow, I love you post and all the beautiful pictures and all the food in your pictures!!! 🙂 The relish tray would be good to snack on right now as I am having a glass of wine and it would be so good with the wine! Have a great weekend Sue!

    • Thanks so much Michael! I have been watching your blog to see when the birds eye boards are ready, I really want to get my mother a striped one for her birthday (the 17th!) but I’m not sure if it will work out in time. Thank you for your constant kind words and support!

      • thank you Sue! I have a couple of the Birds Eye boards in 8 inch size. The strip one is a combination of Maple, Walnut and Cherry! I can make one for you if you like! I forgot to mention in my previous post that I really like your apron! 🙂

  6. Sue, I totally agree with Selma’s comment re: your pom photo. That is canvas worthy indeed. Love the light you capture in your photos too. How good are dates? I have them with a little ‘laughing cow’ cheese smooshed inside, plus of course in a sticky date pudding. Your slice looks great, just perfect with a strong cup of tea… that is if the kettle can boil fast enough ; ) Lovely IMK post Sue, Kirsty xx

  7. I love this series. Have been thinking of being a part of it since few months. I saw you and Ngan joined the force this time…I think I am all set for next month.
    My favorite picks are Ofcourse you modeling for the apron, that pomogrenate pic is a killer, the bran muffins and the bars…what a click…

  8. Your kitchen has been really busy! I loved seeing these photos of where I have been ❤ Plus your photos are getting awesome 🙂 I have been meaning to tell you that because of you and your plant, I've been buying pomegranates a lot recently and putting them into salads. Delicious!

    • Oh, thanks Sofia! Are you enjoying your new camera lots and using the aperture setting? I am for the most part. I am not much of a pomegranate fan but my mom likes them so I’ll probably truck them all over to her soon!

      • I am using the aperture setting a lot too. Except the other day I was experimenting with the macro setting with my plants. Lucky for your mum to receive your pomegranates! xx

  9. I already knew that you had a lot things going on in your kitchen… but, trust me, this is much more than I expected! Love the picture of you with the apron… it’s really beautiful!

  10. You have some lovey fresh produce in your kitchen – welcome! I am intrigued by the chocolate fruit – I’ve never seen such a fruit! If it tastes like chocolate I’m in! Lovely meeting you, see you next month

    • why thank you, very nice to meet you as well. The chocolate persimmons are so delicious you wouldn’t believe!!

  11. What beautiful photos, Sue! Thanks for joining in! How nice to be able to harvest pomegranates from you own garden, and you made me laugh about the elderberries – we had the same problem with mulberries. Maybe you could make elderberry jelly next time.. 😉

    • thank you, you know it’s funny there are some things I will happily spend hours on in cooking, but elderberries are not part of that scenario! Jelly, yes!

  12. So much happening in your kitchen and love your gorgeous apron. We have a few date trees in our garden and sometimes we pick some before the ripen, love the crisp texture and they are wonderful in salads. Thank you for sharing your kitchen. 🙂

  13. I would love to try some licorice jam! And I’m yet to try a fresh date, I have to go up to Queensland (Australia) and try some Medjools up there 🙂 Thanks for sharing your kitchen 🙂

  14. What wonderful things in your kitchen! I am really enjoying the variety. Just curious, what is in the roasted fig ball? Is it wrapped in a banana leaf? I’ve never seen or heard of one before. Thank you for the lovely post and photographs. Great apron!!

    • Why thank you! The fig ball is wrapped in a dried fig leaf. Check out the Hedley & Bennet aprons, I love their company!

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