Cooking With Huckleberry Book Week 2

I’ve been a very busy cooking bee, happily cooking my way through the Huckleberry Cookbook.  I’m also testing out crusts for the KCRW 6th annual pie contest in October, so there’s been a lot of good food happening here.  Here’s what this week brought us:

Muesli.  Made with a boatload of raw whole grains that were soaked overnight with dried fruit in whole milk and yogurt.

Muesli (6 of 6)

Muesli (4 of 6)

Muesli (1 of 6)

“My Dad’s Pancakes”.  These were made with whole milk, flour, egg yolk, and beaten egg white (last step before frying).

Dad's Pancakes (11 of 11)

Dad's Pancakes (5 of 11)

Quinoa and Eggs with Sprouting Broccoli.  Healthy, hearty and packed with superfoods!

quinoa sprouting broccocli (1 of 1)

quinoa sprouting broccocli 2 (3 of 3)

quinoa and eggs (1 of 1)

Avocado Toast.  Zoe’s take on the very au courant phenomenon of avocado toast adds an anchovy dressing, that I added butter to and turned into a sort of “bagna cauda,” and drenched my toast in.  Whoa was this ever an epic lunch.

Avocado Tartine (4 of 5)

Avocado Tartine (2 of 5)

Avocado Tartine (1 of 5)


“Green Eggs and Ham.”  Sunny side eggs on english muffin with proscuitto, pesto and arugula.

green eggs and ham (1 of 3)

green eggs and ham (3 of 3)

Beer Braised Pork (this one’s still in fridge soaking up sauce and waiting to be finished  . . . stay tuned!).  Ridiculously easy to make and made my house smell like an umami porcine palace.  I plan to serve it to Patty and Sofia who are visiting me here in Los Angeles tonight!!

beer braised pork (1 of 1)Have a fabulous Fiesta Friday and weekend!



46 thoughts on “Cooking With Huckleberry Book Week 2

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  1. Holy Cow Sue, Oh wow you have been busy, I’d love to be your sous chef so I could taste all of it. That pork is making me very very hungry so are the pancakes oh well everything does it for me. Want!!!

  2. Loved all the shots there Sue :). Those pancakes are so drool worthy. Loved the shot of fried eggs and broccoli sorouts. Those toast pics are just so enticing :).
    Love this post! Sometimes it is good to just gaze at the good pics (eye candies)…and not read the recipes :))..

    1. yeah, fitz I’m doing one fruit and one savory; any suggestions or special requests for a savory pie? 🙂 I could name it after you or one of your dogs!!!!!!!!!

  3. Everything looks so appetizing, but really looking forward to the pork recipe. I have some huge pork hocks I am thinking about preparing, but will wait and see if I get some inspiration from your recipe.

  4. Sue, again, thank you so much for the book. Going to watch her bake and receiving the book, and seeing Huckleberry itself makes such great memories. Now I know exactly what these dishes you’ve been making are about (yum!!). I was reading the book on the plane on my way to NY, it’s really great, very educational and so funny at the same time. Have to try the green eggs! xxx

    1. It worked out so well I was so happy . . . the venue was not too crowded and we got to learn a nice recipe. It was truly my pleasure to have you over I only wish we had a wee bit more time!

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