Pasta With Bone Marrow, Lemon and Shallot Sauce

Well, so far I’m batting 1000 in my Easy Gourmet Cook-Through Adventure.  I’ve made two recipes and they’ve both been hits, and this pasta was a home run.  I regularly buy bone marrow bones to make broth, and occasionally I’ll roast them up or pan fry and serve them with toasted bread, or smash the marrow into a baked sweet potato.  It had never occurred to me to use the marrow with pasta.  Enter Stephanie‘s book and the rest is history . . . I will be making this dish again.

The smell of roasting marrow bones is divine, at least to my smell buds.  Could not have come at a better time either, because yesterday I was confined to my house with the carpet installer for many hours and although I like the smell of chemicals and brand new, oil based carpet is no exception, when the carbon monoxide alarm went off  . . . well it didn’t exactly inspire optimism.  So I put the oven and marrow bones to work to counter the noxious fumes.  Even the friendly carpet fella kept saying “It smells real nice in there.”

The preparation is lickity split easy . . . . roasted marrow bones, some olive oil, parsley, a hit of lemon handsome parmesan . . . tossed with the pasta and you’ve got your meal.  I used rigatoni in place of the linguini that was called for, and rounded it out with a serving of roasted radicchio for some vegetal bitterness to counter the very rich tasting pasta, and it was really . . . REALLY good.

Bones Raw (1 of 1)

Roasting (1 of 1)

Shallot (1 of 1)


Parmesan (1 of 1)

Pasta (1 of 1)


Finished Dish (1 of 1)

Finished Dish 2 (1 of 1)

To keep track with my progress on this book, check out the “I’ll Cook, You Write” category on this blog . . . I’m hoping it will bring some variety and skill to my cooking, as well as get me to use the thousands of cookbooks on my shelf that I use more as inspiration and bedtime reading rather than actual cooking instruction.

14 thoughts on “Pasta With Bone Marrow, Lemon and Shallot Sauce

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  1. I can almost smell it from here, scratch and sniff would be great about now. That looks amazing, the marrow bones are so rich and delicious. WOW!! I like your choice of rigatoni rather than linguini.

  2. Your photos are stunning, Sue and the colours look so beautiful and elegant! I love bone marrow; it was always something that was prized at my family table. My mum even has narrow little spoons just for the purpose of digging in and scraping out!! X

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