Cooking with iamafoodblog’s Easy Gourmet: Haloumi Caprese Sandwiches

I’m cooking my way through Stephanie Le’s book Easy Gourmet.  She is the very talented and original writer who won this year’s “Blog of the Year” in Saveur Magazine’s annual food blog awards.  I’ve always wanted to cook my way through an entire book and, in fact, one of the reasons I started blogging was to get myself to crack open my thousands of cookbooks and actually cook from them.  Since I am in the process of re-formatting my blog, organizing and cataloging my “recipes” and adding pages and features, as well as wanting to delete about 50% of my early posts containing many jaundiced iPhone pictures, the timing seemed perfect when Stephanie’s book arrived yesterday.

One of the things I noticed immediately is that the sandwich chapter contained some truly original and creative recipes that I’d never seen before and wanted to make right away.  I decided to start simple, and was driven by the fact that I’d just bought haloumi this week for a semi-charcuterie plate dinner we had last night.

Obviously I am not including a recipe here, just photos!

*Note:  I was not asked to post about cooking through this book, nor am I receiving any compensation or anything else  . . . just spreading the love!!!

*Also, the biscuits are brought to you by my favorite place in L.A., Red Bread, who’s been on vacation for a whole month and just today reappeared at the Wednesday Santa Monica Farmer’s Market.  I went a little crazy with the biscuit photos, I know.

Biscuits (2 of 20)

Half a dozen sourdough buttermilk biscuits from Red Bread

Biscuits (3 of 20)

Biscuits (4 of 20)

Biscuits (5 of 20)

Biscuits (6 of 20)

Biscuits (7 of 20)

Okay, that’s enough of the biscuits.

Preparing the haloumi was a snap and I adapted Stephanie’s recipe by using ghee, which I had on hand.

Halloumi Additions (1 of 1)

Halloumi Additions (2 of 11)

Halloumi Additions (4 of 11)


Halloumi Additions (5 of 11) Halloumi Additions (6 of 11)

Now time to assemble the sandwiches.  Essentially I did no cooking, no thinking and no shopping for these tasty little sandwiches!




Biscuits (9 of 20)

Petite “Haloumi Caprese” sandwiches from Stephanie Le’s Easy Gourmet Cookbook . . . I used biscuits, purple basil and baby heirloom tomatoes

Biscuits (10 of 20)

Biscuits (13 of 20)

Biscuits (15 of 20)

Biscuits (18 of 20)

Biscuits (20 of 20)Have you ever cooked your way through an entire book?  Which one? Did it improve your cooking?  I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!


31 Comments on “Cooking with iamafoodblog’s Easy Gourmet: Haloumi Caprese Sandwiches

  1. These are absolutely beautiful biscuits and the little sandwiches look delicious too! So good of you to post these sweet culinary delights for us to see! Thank you!

  2. Sue, your picture at the bottom in the kitchen with your bike helmet on and muffler and glove hand are so cute, it just kills me! (on your birgerbird blog) Love, Mike ________________________________________

  3. Oh wow Sue, do those sandwiches look delicious, I am excited to see the changes to your blog (which is already great btw). I am a big fan of haloumi, and those biscuits look really incredible.

    • Thanks Suzanne, this was the first time I had haloumi and I really enjoyed it, it reminded me of the baked, marinated, pressed tofu that I love so much and could eat straight out of the package. Thanks for your kind words about the blog, I am forever tinkering and can’t help myself

  4. Oh! I’ve been intrigued by Easy Gourmet and was debating buying it. These sandwiches look delicious, and so unique with the biscuits. I’m determined to cook every recipe in Jerusalem, but have only made it about halfway through (though I should get some points for repeating some of the recipes, right?). I find good cookbooks always improve my cooking, in the sense that it teaches me new techniques or new flavor combinations. Can’t wait to see more of your results from this cookbook!

    • Thanks for taking the time to respond Ngan. I really liked Stephanie’s style and demeanor from the first time I read a post of hers and I like to support bloggers . . . her style of cooking is up my alley too with a lot of comfort food, deep fried things, breakfast foods and such. Another blogger I am liking a lot is Lady n Pups. I felt like all the food blogs that were getting press were starting to look and sound the same but both these bloggers seemed a departure, at least for my taste. Regarding Jerusalem, you certainly get a lot of credit in my book, for many of his recipes call for many ingredients and have layers of preparation, but also many are simple and straightforward. What strikes me about his recipes are that the flavors are really vibrant and strong, which I like. Happy reading and cooking!

  5. Your photography Sue…those biscuits…wow! Halloumi is great. I usually plonk slices in a hot non stick pan without any oil etc – it gets crispy and brown on the outside and melty gooey on the inside. It’s lovely with a squiggle of that Thai sweet chilli dipping sauce. I can’t say that I’ve ever cooked my way through an entire cookbook but I’ve made great inroads through a few from Nigel Slater, Marcella Hazan, Nigella Lawson, Jamie Oliver (Saint Jamie) and Ottolenghi (off the top of my head…) Marcella Hazan, in particular, really added to my skills and knowledge – she was just so passionate and down to earth.

    • Yes and as you know Marcella’s books were all “ghost written” by her dear husband Victor; she was such no-nonsense, non-faddist cook extraordinaire! We’ve discussed before that we have similar taste in cookbooks so that is nice. Thank you for the compliment!

  6. Wow, wow, Sue! These look marvellous! Love your photos: they have so much yummy detail in them! You have made my mouth water!! 😀

  7. Hi Sue! Enjoy the book! Her blog is great and her food is such great eye candy! One more list of things to talk about in a couple of weeks (can you believe it?!?) is your reindexing and blog re-doing. I want to re-categorize mine too. I’ve done that a couple of times before but very very mildly, like changing a few category titles. I sort of want to do it properly now but am afraid it might much up googles indexing and SEO (thats what Mr H says might happen), though not that I care really, it’s not as if I get economic compensation for it, so who cares…. For now, these look delicious 🙂 xx

    • Thanks Sofia and be sure to check out my post “Come Visit Me in L.A.” !! I’m right where you are with the re-categorizing and stuff. I just wish I could organize my recipes “automatically” in an easy way, with photos, but there is no way around doing it manually with each recipe in my theme, which makes it more work than I want!

  8. Oh I check that blog out from time to time because the photos are amazing! Heard about the book, too. The sandwiches look SO good!!! Never apologize for the amount of biscuit photos. I can’t have too many of those LOL

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