Taking Stock

Yes I am on vacation, but I am a slave to routine and part of my routine is writing.  The other is reading, then there’s coffee, and a few other daily essentials.  Writing is my daily catharsis, my daily exercise.

I really enjoyed reading a post Sofia (Papaya Pieces) wrote on “taking stock,” a fun and revealing personal word inventory.  It reminded me of one of my favorite easy reads, Vanity Fair Magazine’s Proust Questionnaire (here’s Pele).  Here’s a link to her post if you want to see the questions and make your own.  I’d love to read yours!  Here’s mine:
Making: Lists, lists and more lists.  Today:  housekeeping schedule for Fall.
Cooking: Not a thing.  On vacation.
Drinking: Oversized Matcha latte.
Reading: Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage by Haruki Murakami.  Set to Lizst’s Le Mal Du Pays, it’s an engrossing and tender story of loss, friendship, and the elusiveness and fragility of human connection.  I can tell it’s going to kill me.
Wanting: Foot surgery
Looking: at my computer screen
Playing: Everything But The Girl, “The Road.”  Sad, sweet song.
Deciding: if I ever want to go back to family law again
Wishing: for a dishwasher
Enjoying: Oregon blackberries and hazelnuts
Waiting: for Zoe Nathan Loeb’s book “Huckleberry” to come out in September so I can make her “Super Cheesy Rye Biscuits.”
Liking: Navy blue
Wondering: if I could re-learn the piano
Loving: Central Oregon
Pondering: the gift of life
Considering: leaving Los Angeles
Watching: Llamas outside my back door
Hoping: for peace
Needing: nothing
Smelling: pine, campfire
Wearing: shorts, barefoot running shoes and a tank top, cc cream, blush, lip balm
Following: Lady and Pups, “An Angry Food Blog,” and Local Milk.
Noticing: lots of chipmunks
Knowing: life is a mystery
Thinking: too much
Feeling: mischievous
Admiring: Roger Federer, Steffi Graf
Sorting: shoes and clothes.  Getting rid of lots of stuff
Buying: Books and food, always
Getting: drowsy
Bookmarking: articles on sausage making
Disliking: loud noises and traffic
Opening: my mouth at the wrong time
Giggling: at myself and Mr. B as usual
Snacking: I don’t snack unless I’ve missed a meal
Coveting: my old long and lustrous hair but without the necessity of maintaining and styling it!!!
Wishing: for world peace!
Helping: my little friend Osa in Indonesia
Hearing: birds

15 Comments on “Taking Stock

    • Yes it is and funnily enough I got an unsolicited email from a reader saying . . . do you make your photographs available for purchase — ha! I just sent it to her. That photo is Suttle Lake . . . we hiked around the perimeter 3.5 miles and took a dip, totally pristine, I’m shocked there aren’t hoards more people flocking here to live, the weather is unreal and Bend is just 15 minutes away for theater, movies, restaurants, etc. The one thing I have noticed, ahem, is that there isn’t a whole lot of ethnic diversity. More later.

      • Well it looks great! Well done on giving away the shot.. Mind you if you see it on the pages of Conde naste or in an advert you may kick ya self! We don’t have massive ethnic diversity here.. Although we deal in short distances rather than the vast expanses you chaps have!

  1. Lovely to read through your taking stock list. I enjoy making lists, too, and guiltily, use a lot of post-its making them. Sounds like your vacation has been a good space for reflection. I want to read that book, too! Leave LA, come to SF, and we can cook and ponder the meaning of life together. 🙂

    • P.s. Janet Maslin just massacred that book in her review so I’m trying not to allow it to color my read!

      • Just read the review. My favorite line is that Murakami likes to “bludgeon each new thought with brutal repetition.” Ouch, lol. I just think he has a particular style and some people really like it, so I’m still open to reading it. Enjoy!

  2. Hi Sue, thanks so much for the link and I really enjoyed reading your stock take 🙂 Why do you want foot surgery? (ok you can tell me later on). On re-learning piano, I completely recommend it, actually I wrote about my re-learning here: http://papayapieces.com/2014/05/18/restarted-piano-pork-loin-honey-mustard-recipe/ Also my teacher only teaches adults, some have played a lot like me, and others have began from scratch, and they play some really lovely things now!
    Oh I like Lady and Pups too 🙂
    And I can’t wait to see your sausages! xx

  3. The Proust questionnaire is the first thing I read in each new issue of Vanity Fair and I’m loving your taking stock list! It was a joy to read through…thanks for sharing!

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