Pork Spare Ribs

We are so fortunate to have a young gentleman pig farmer who sells exclusively Mangalitsa pork of all shapes and cuts.  His name is Oliver Wooley, a former, short lived Wall Street fella who returned home to his parents’ protea flower farm and introduced pigs.  He named his newfound passion Peads and Barnetts after his grandparents’ farm near Oxford, England.  (Peads is a stream on the property and barnett is an old English turnip that was originally grown on the farm).  He sells belly, jowl, shoulder, ground pork, chorizo, sweet sausage, bratwurst, cured bacon, cheek, all kinds of chops, lard and ribs.

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I have never, EVER liked ribs.  I just don’t like the gristly nastiness that grows so close to the bone, and I don’t like eating off bones.  But since Mr. b likes ribs I decided to give Oliver’s ribs a go.

Here’s the recipe: Salt, pepper, a 200 degree oven for 8 to 12 hours and voila, the most delicious meat I have nearly ever tasted.  If you can find the Mangalitsa breed pork anywhere near you, or even online, do give it a try.  It has a sweet clean flavor, but packs a square root of deep pork flavor into any single piece of meat.  Mr. b had the pleasure of removing the meat from the bone and this is what we came up with — meals for a week:


Frittata with Spare Rib, Spinach and Sriracha

Spare Rib Tartine with Flowering Broccoli

Spare Rib Tartine with Flowering Broccoli

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