Raw Turmeric & Ginger Drink

I have the perfect drink for anybody suffering from queasiness, with the added benefit that it will clear your sinuses, and open your facial pores as if for a deep facial.  I’ve been retiring to my cushy orange chair multiple times per day with a shot or two of this drink to fight off the terrible vertigo episodes I’ve had since my trip to Six Flags Magic Mountain two days ago.  May I explain?

I don’t like roller coasters, I’ve always been very afraid of them.  Don’t like flying one bit either.  But my niece is visiting from Northern California, with her friend, for a week, and she loves Magic Mountain.  Even has a season pass.  So, after 25 years of avoiding trips to the amusement parks, and because my niece is a dear, I rallied for a comeback appearance.  I even agreed as the first ride to go on the “Buccaneer,” the swashbuckling giant boat that took me down as a teenager.  It’s a giant boat that swings like a pendulum so that you are catapulted up and backwards, face-down, then down and forwards, then up and backwards belly-up.

I made such a remarkable scene as a 14 or 15 year old with my mom and dad and sister, crying in fits, and the story stuck with my Dad like glue whenever friends came to visit or the subject of roller coasters came up.  It defined me.  It beat me.

So as you can imagine I was determined to at least go on that ride, after all it’s not a true roller coaster and I should be sufficiently grown up and mature by now to go to bat at least once on it.  And I actually did pretty well.  I was going to focus my gaze on the 5 – 6 year olds with little dodger hats on directly across from me, who were all so jazzed and happy to be on that ride, but what I did instead was close my eyes real tight and scream.  Not cry, but scream.  And it helped.  But it was still awful.  The combination of the loud roaring “whoosh” that accompanied the g-force pull upward and backward, then downward and forward, was really scary and kind of jarring.

But I was feeling pretty good, so I tried another juvenile ride, the Jet Stream.  Simple water ride with 2 minimally steep hills.  All good, over and done.  While the troops went on some awful twister next, though, I decided to lie down on a bench just to rest.  I was getting sleepy.  So after about 10 minutes I moved a little, adjusted my back, and sat up.  My entire world was spinning.  It wasn’t dizzy, it was spinning.  In circles.  I was completely lost for balance.  Then the sickness came.  That was the end of me for rides.

I went to bed blissfully glad to be alive and safely ensconced in covers.  But I woke up with the dreaded spins again.  This time it was even scarier and more disorienting.  And the nausea, very bad.  I did my reading up on the condition, so now that I know I’m not dying I’m relieved, but it’s no fun to go to bed afraid.  Vertigo is more likely to occur when one retires horizontal, like at bedtime.  Buccaneer beat me again.

I thought a little ginger zinger with some turmeric for added anti-inflammatory action would do this body and soul good.  And yours too!  Turmeric and Ginger are superfoods and if you add a little cherry or other fruit, some lemon, and honey, even some sriracha or hot pepper, it becomes delicious!  You really feel like you’re drinking something good for you.  And the color is happy.  You could stir a shot into your yoghurt and thin with water for tarted up little lassi.  It also tastes really good with rich meats and bacon.  Just a sip and it cuts the heaviness.

For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you may recall a little photograph a while back depicting knobs of fresh turmeric that had been unfortunately par-baked due to its being mistaken for carrots by Mr. birgerbird.

In a pinch I turned the par-baked turmeric knobs into a frothy and bracing drink.  Remembering this, upon the onset of my second vertigo episode I grabbed my beloved turmeric knobs again and threw in some ginger, lemon, apple cider vinegar and raw honey in the hopes of calming the nausea that accompanies vertigo.

This is a fantastic drink to have on hand in a large bottle so that you can blast awake in the morning without the need for coffee.  In these photographs of the large bottle I made you can see the difference lighting, time of day and background make in the coloring of the photographic subject.



Drinks 2

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