Breton-Style Buckwheat Crepes: Guest Post for Lori


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This week I was honored to help my friend Lori enjoy more quality time with her family and take a little break from full time blogging.  Head on over to her neat blog where you’ll find my master crepe (gluten free!) recipe as well as a kinda korma variation.

9 Comments on “Breton-Style Buckwheat Crepes: Guest Post for Lori

  1. Sue, these are beautiful! You should totally post a video of you making them (so we can learn how). I think we might try to make ’em tonight. Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

    • Jesse! It’s you! Thank you these really ran me ragged and many times I considered chucking it all for a tortilla! Let me know how it goes and beer helps!

      • Sue, we tried making these last night, but I think we did something wrong because it would not cook up right. We did use the beer, but then I realized: are we supposed to reduce the water if we use beer? Also, I think we messed up on cooking it altogether. When we went to flip it, it stuck to the bottom of our pan (even though we oiled and used a nonstick pan), and then the crepe just got swept into a gummy mess. It was messy! Yours are so beautiful and we are definitely going to try it again. Any suggestions for us this time around?

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