“Nuts” Good Paratha

IParatha 9 (1 of 1)

I borrowed Mr. Fitz’s idea to make a type of “nuts good” flatbread, adding sourdough to my dough, letting it sit overnight, then stuffing it with Spinach, Preserved Lemon and Zaatar.  Let’s head over here (yikes) and check it out!

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  1. Love these bread dishes! The tuna tartine looks delicious and the sprouted faro porridge bread stuffed with molasses and sunflower seeds as well. These scrumptious offerings are so fun to see and do give so much pleasure to all of your readers. Thank you so much and I hope you keep baking, cooking, preparing and posting your gastronomic visual treats for us. Your work is super duper!

    1. Hello Fae! I am in the process of transferring all of the content to the new space. Those parathas were sure good, but filling!!!

  2. The flatbreads look fab, I keep seeing so many amazing recipes too and want to make them all but don’t want to then end up eating them all!!! Luckily I have two very willing consumers 🙂 your new blog looks great, very clean and easy to navigate. Will there be a comments option on there too?

    1. Yes Elaine you can comment . . . scroll down and you will see “21 Comments” and you hit those words and it will make the comments and your option to write pop up! Thank you so much. I too am grateful for my willing consumers . . . one’s a teenage cross country team member and the other is a chronic running addict! We’re lucky! By the way how is Bob I haven’t seen him lately!!!!!

  3. Dear Sue! Congrats with new toy!:) Wonderful, beautiful photos!
    How are you making sourdough starter? I have never made it, but seen on the net that it takes around 3 days, right?

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