Avocado Chocolate Ice Cream (No Churn)

IMG_5726If the idea of avocado in your ice cream gives you pause, don’t worry because you can’t taste the avocado . . . at all.  I had to beg my husband to try the ice cream, reminding him I’d used raw organic cream, raw organic cacao and organic avocado, and once he did, he went to work on cleaning the prep bowl.  It was spanking clean by the time I went to bed.

This is a no-churn recipe that you you may adapt endlessly.  You only need 3 things:  heavy cream, condensed milk and vanilla extract or vanilla bean.  You only do 3 things:  whip, mix, and freeze.

I used avocado because I’d bought a gigantic “mambo” variety fruit at my Wednesday market.  The gigantic avocado weighed just under 3 pounds and I’d already made guacamole, and meatloaf sarnies with avocado slices.  Initially I was nurturing a resentment when I saw the slightly irritable farmer and the signs for the avocado “Cop-A-Feel 50 cents,” “No Touchee, No Feelie, You Bruise, You Buy,” “The Avocados Have An Agent,” etc. thinking, geez why the harsh territorial vibe here?  But then I tried my favorite technique of buttering up people when they’re in bad moods and I asked him all about the avocado and little by little he lightened up.  And of course I bought the avocado, which made him happy. So:  ice cream it was for Fiesta Friday #23.

*Note:  any of you party goers interested in writing professionally for a food blog?  If so, please contact me . . . looking for food bloggers with an enthusiasm for farmers markets, gardening, and photography.



Can you believe — cop a feel for 50 cents???


Almost 3 pounds!


This is going to be a giant portion of ice cream!


Ready to mash with condensed milk


Cream Whipped for 3 minutes then folded into the avocado and cacao


Those green flecks are not pistachios!!!


  • 2 cups heavy cream, or creme fraiche (you can even use buttermilk!; and I want to try coconut milk too)
  • 1 can (14 oz.) of sweetened condensed milk
  • 1 tsp of pure vanilla extract
  • 1 large avocado
  • 1/2 cup to 1 cup (depending upon how strong you like your chocolate flavor) cacao powder or bittersweet chocolate powder


  1. Whisk cream as if preparing meringue, on high speed for about 3 minutes.
  2. Mash avocado with a fork an pour in condensed milk, vanilla extract and chocolate powder.  Mix well until no chocolate lumps remain. Pour the mixture into container and freeze for at least 6 hours to overnight. Serve with fresh or grilled fruits, syrup, crumbs . . . . whatever is your fancy.


63 Comments on “Avocado Chocolate Ice Cream (No Churn)

  1. Wow! That is definitely the most creative ice cream I have ever seen! It looks good 😀
    The avocado really is a very large one, oh my!
    Happy Fiesta Friday, Sue!

    • Thank you, it’s pretty rich though with all that fat from the avocado, then the heavy cream, and condensed milk!

  2. I have had lots of great desserts with avocado, but this is a new one for me. Looks delicious.

    • Green pasta (yours) plus partially green dessert (my ice cream) = perfect meal!

  3. That is the largest avocado I’ve ever seen! Wow! Super creative idea for this ice cream…I’m definitely intrigued!

  4. Avocadoasaurus! That thing is huge! Did he say what variety it was or why it was so enormous? Glad it was so you could share this though – and I happen to have some avocados nearing ripeness in my kitchen….
    I’d be hugely interested in the blogging opportunity, but I suspect that you are looking for someone rather more established than me, but if not, do get in touch!

    • oh yes, you can send an email to annette@ginormoussky.com; I do a couple submissions a week and it pays about $40 for a medium article. She may be looking for U.S. bloggers only, but I also may be totally wrong!!! I think your healthy perspective would be so great!

  5. Wow! That’s a huge and heavy avocado, Sue! When I saw the green specks, I really thought those are pistachios. 😀

    This ice cream is super easy to make and perfect for summer days! But, don’t mind eating this even if the rain is pouring down. 🙂 Happy FF23!

  6. OMG I’m so doing this. Yum. I love avocados in everything. I’m so afraid though that once I start making no churn ice cream it’s over for me. Eh, I’ll do it anyway.

  7. Definitely a must try…love the idea of avocado and ice-cream :). I’ve bookmarked it and will hurry to the grocery store to find an avocado that size :). Would Hershey cocoa powder do the trick?

    • Absolutely. I only used cacao because it was what we had in hand. I hope you enjoy!!

    • they are hard; I like to take the large container out of the freezer or pack them individually into pints and then take them out of the freezer and let sit for about 10 minutes so that the ice cream and avo soften somewhat.

  8. Lovely ice-cream. I love the combination of chocolate. Have a lovely day, Sue! 🙂

  9. What a great idea Sue!!! Avocado and chocolate ice-cream sound amazing, something that I have to try! I’m bringing ice-cream too to FF, we always come with same ideas, is really funnyisn’t it true? Have a great we!

    • Thank you and thank you for hosting. Your blog is truly one of my all-time favorites!!!

  10. After reading the first couple of paragraphs, I said “I believe I can do this.” 🙂 Yummy! Thanks for sharing.

  11. I have been thinking about making my own ice cream bc I keep hearing how the store bought stuff is not real ice cream, so thank you for sharing your fabulous recipe:)

  12. Holy Guacamole! That’s one BIG avocado, I need one! The ice cream sounds amazing too, I love chocolate and avocado together

  13. Yum yum yummm! I know that you can make lovely chocolate pudding & ice-cream with avocado but your ice-cream will be a very rich & fantastic ice-cream, for sure! Yummm!

  14. Wow, I love this recipe!! I know, it’s probably strange for many people to have avocado in a dessert, but I made avocado chocolate mousse for the first time last year and was surprised how amazing it tastes. I am sure this ice cream was really delicious too! Thanks for bringing this to the Fiesta and hope you had lots of fun! Sylvia

  15. I’ve never seen an avo that big – it’s huge! All the better though, as I loooove them! :). And avo in your ice cream doesn’t sound odd to me at all – it sounds downright delicious!

  16. I came to this post only because I LOVE LOVE LOVE ice cream, and because your recipe required no ice cream maker, and because I love avocado, and because I love chocolate. OK, I think these are enough reasons 🙂 Thank you so much for such a creative recipe. I will definitely make it this Summer.

    P.S. If you are still looking for a food blogger with an enthusiasm for farmers markets and photography, I would love to hear the detail. The down side is that I am not good with gardening. Oh well 🙂

    • Dear Pang, no need for any gardening knowledge; she’s looking for either food writers or gardening writers; email annette@ginormoussky.com and let her know you are interested in writing. I will send her an email as well. she’s my editor.

      • Thank you SO MUCH for the info, Sue. I will e-mail her this weekend 🙂
        Have a wonderful weekend 🙂

      • you too Pang, your photos are just gorgeous!! can’t wait to catch up on your blog

  17. What a brilliant idea for an ice cream! I completely dig this, the combination of avocado with chocolate is very common in Indonesia, so I love it. My European friends look at me worried like there is something wrong with me, and put on this face like please never feed me that, haha!

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