Summer Sarnie with Meatloaf

As you know by now, I love wordplay, alliteration, and cheekiness in all forms . . . that’s why I like the word “Sarnie,” which I first heard in a Jamie Oliver cookbook in his description of his favorite breakfast sandwich (a bacon sandwich).


Doesn’t this sandwich look like something you want to eat pretty soon?  I’ve created a meatloaf recipe for my friends over at Foodlander and it is based on my mother’s AMAZING meatloaf.  A couple of key tips:  mix with a light touch, wrap in bacon, and cook free form in a cast iron skillet in the oven (rather than a loaf pan so as to assure proper crust formation!).

Meatloaf is a comfort food, and if you have food restrictions, you may substitute coconut or almond milk for the regular milk, flax seed blended with a touch of water for eggs, tempeh or turkey bacon for the bacon, agave for the brown sugar, etc.  It won’t taste like my mom’s meatloaf, but it will still be very very good.  Meatloaf almost always is!!!

As you know, it’s high season for cooking and entertaining because of the upcoming Independence Holiday and of course because it’s summer.  In that spirit, I’ll be posting very soon loads of more delicious recipes including strawberry pie (See my latest Instagram pics where I got an invaluable pie baking lesson from baker Amy Finn), potato salad made with whole pee wee potatoes, creme fraiche, and shaved celery and red onion; superfood slaw with raw beet, sprouts and walnuts; and a killer strawberry jam dark chocolate tartlet.  Stay tuned!!!

7 thoughts on “Summer Sarnie with Meatloaf

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  1. “Proper crust formation” Love that Sue! Nothing like a proper crust…Looking forward to reading and seeing all the amazing things you mention especially the killer chocolate and strawberry jam tartlet!

  2. I am sure you meant to refer to those potatoes as pee wee Herman potatoes…but that’s ok! Now, the second picture with the greens and meatloaf and avocado was wonderful and so very much a summer recipe. Thank you for your scrumptious post!

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