One Potato, Blue Potato

Summer for me always conjures up homemade ice cream and homemade french fries.  I remember having both of those special foods at barbecues when I was a little girl.  These days we don’t do a lot of deep frying, but you should know that it doesn’t have to be unhealthy.  In fact, a quick deep fry in coconut oil or rice bran oil or lard can be much healthier than eating foods that have been sautéed in and are soaking in trans-fat oils.  A quick fry preserves the freshness, crispness and nutrients of foods.  As you may know, though, deep frying can create quite a mess in one’s kitchen.  My solution is to fry for friends, lots of them, and simply keep making foods in the oil before disposing.  For example, you could make french fries, then some vegetable fritters, some herb garnish, then some calamari, seafood or chicken “tenders.”  The exception to this rule would be donuts — you don’t want your vegetables or chicken or herbs tasting like donuts, right?

The best french fry recipes I have tried call for frying the potatoes twice — once at 350 degrees, then a second time at 375 degrees.  Instead of doing this, I parboiled my potatoes for just under 3 minutes, cooled, then fried in 375 fat for about 7 minutes. The time may vary depending upon how many potatoes you place in the oil (and therefore how the temperature fluctuates) and how thick your slices are.  It is essential to have a thermometer, to not crowd your pot with potatoes, and to drop your potatoes in with tongs, slowly and carefully!

This recipe is deadly easy and so much better than store bought or restaurant fries.

For enough fries for 4 you’ll need 2 lbs potatoes, and enough oil, lard or other fat to come up your pan at least 1.5 to 2 inches.

Enjoy with ketchup or homemade mayonnaise.

9 Comments on “One Potato, Blue Potato

  1. These blue-purple potatoes look darn good…and so do those creamy orange donuts! It’s summertime…yeah! Thank you for your kick out the jams summer offerings birgerbird! Keep the good food coming!

      • UMMM, YOU’RE IN TROUBLE, SUE. Today I discovered Sir Kensington’s mayo (had to buy it based on what you said) and I just ate a whole spoonful right out of the jar. TWICE. I’m not even kidding. I bought it to make a creamy rice wine vinaigrette dressing and now I’m eating it whole. HEHEHE. I don’t even feel guilty. 😉

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