Unda Style “Spanish” Kati Roll with Manchego, Padron Peppers and Yogurt

What is unda style?  It’s when you take a tortilla or paratha (flatbread), lay it on top of a thin layer of sautéing beaten egg so that it “sticks” to the egg, then proceed as inspiration and imagination leads.  I got the idea from the local Indian Street Food Truck that makes burrito/quesadilla-like creations with Indian fillings called Kati Rolls. If you order your kati roll “unda style” you get the egg treatment as described above.  It adds protein and a little spongy/moist texture to the sometimes dry tortilla or bread.  They’re so much easier to eat than burritos and, for me, more delicious.

Because Rafa (Rafael Nadal, Spaniard) won his 9th French Open yesterday I had to go Spanish with my Roll.  Try this combination of almonds, manchego, padron pepper and pimenton for your next lunch or dinner.  Yogurt rounds the roll out with a bit of creaminess.  If you like quince paste, by all means add a bit of that too.

If you’re wondering about adding tomato juice to your egg, I got the idea from Nobu Matsuhisa who adds it to his scrambled eggs.  It’s really umami!

Blister the Padron Peppers over a dry skillet for 5 – 10 minutes. Remove from heat, cut off stems and slice open to lay flat in the quesadilla


Heat up your fat and toss tortilla or paratha very briefly in skillet ( I used Red Palm Oil which is very healthy and imparts a nice reddish hue) and add eggs. After a minute, lay tortilla or paratha on top. Make sure the egg is still runny so that your tortilla will stick to it
Lay Padron Peppers at one end of tortilla, cover with cheese and almonds and let gently melt. Watch that egg does not burn on bottom of tortilla
Just before folding and removing tortilla, slip a dollop of yogurt over the peppers, cheese and almonds. Fold over, plate and top with another small spoonful of yogurt. Sprinkle with pimenton. Add quince paste if you like.

IMG_0924 IMG_0926_2


1 Tbsp fat of choice (ghee, olive oil)

2 eggs

1 shot tomato juice, V8 or tomato paste thinned with a drop or two of water

1 tortilla or paratha

2 Tbps plain greek-style yogurt

1 tsp pimenton (spanish smoked paprika)

Handful marcona almonds, smashed

Handful Padron Peppers, blistered over a dry skillet for 5 – 10 minutes

4 Tbps grated or 4 thin slices manchego cheese


Beat the eggs in a small bowl. Beat the egg really well, so it’s uniform in color.

In a skillet, over medium heat, add a tiny splash of oil. Let it heat, then add tortilla.  Remove tortilla and add the egg to the pan let it set for just 10-15 seconds.

Place the corn tortilla on top of the egg (The top of the egg should still be a bit runny, so it should attach itself to the tortilla as it sets.)

On one half of tortilla, lay peppers, cheese and almonds.  Let melt for a minute or so.

When you feel like the egg has set enough not to run, add a spoonful of yogurt, then flip everything.

Plate and top with another spoonful of yogurt, sprinkle with pimenton, and add quince paste if you like.  Enjoy!

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  1. Wow! Looks amazing and you really classed up this dish with your Spanish twists. I have to try this myself, maybe after I finally get around to making my own paranthas.

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