Let’s Eat Strawberry Shortcake for Breakfast Today


2014-05-21 06.05.04-1

Why?  Because it’s a holiday and you may get extra time to sleep, extra time to surf, extra time to do whatever it is you love, and plenty of time to nap and read in between.  Then there’s eating.

If you are hosting a barbecue this year, or bringing a dish to another’s Memorial Day festivity, I have some suggestions for burgers, salads and desserts (including this strawberry shortcake we had for breakfast on Tuesday) that I shared with my friends over at Foodlander.  Head on over and let me know what sounds good to you!

2014-05-21 06.05.16


8 Comments on “Let’s Eat Strawberry Shortcake for Breakfast Today

  1. You have all of the right ingredients here…buttermilk biscuit shortbread, plump, organic strawberries, and pastured cream. Thank you for your wonderful strawberry shortcake pictures! Strawberry shortcake means the start of summer…everyone loves summer!

  2. My little one would LOVE me forever if she woke up one morning to this for breakfast! She’s always telling me I have no good breakfast foods. This will do it!

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