Homemade Donuts Chapter 2

The verdict is in:  Milk wins.  Use bread flour.  Get a digital thermometer.  Recipe tomorrow folks!!!


19 thoughts on “Homemade Donuts Chapter 2

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      1. Nope! I wish! I was teaching high school during the day and photography classes at night. Didn’t get home until 10ish Monday through Wednesday, and then I had a photo session Thursday evening. Almost the same thing next week. Things will quiet down once school ends in June. Then I’ll only be teaching a couple of nights a week. Phew!!

      2. Aha, well good to know that you are a hard worker and have your priorities in good order! My hubby’s schedule is crazy right now with reports and such so that he is working late many nights and bringing a lot of work home. See you soon!

  1. Your risen donuts look so good. I made donuts yesterday and they didn’t rise like that – maybe they needed more time?
    Anyway, your donuts look so good! 😉

    1. Oh, no! I found that the recipe using milk and BREAD FLOUR (not all purpose) made a huge difference in the rise. Also not re-rolling the scraps once you cut the donuts. and shaping and then covering them on the second rise. Keep trying! 🙂

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