Break Out of the Asparagus Rut


Miso Oats with Asparagus, Fava, Black Garlic and Furikake

Asparagus is one of the vegetables that is synonymous with Spring in my vocabulary.  However, as with other vegetables I cook when they are in peak season, I find myself making it the same way over and over again — roasted with olive oil and salt, steamed and thrown into salad or dressed with a vinaigrette on its own, or sautéed in a quick stir-fry.  Even the bowl you see above, though it looks somewhat creative and different, uses steamed asparagus.  This year I was determined to try some different preparations with asparagus so I headed over to Food and Wine magazine and wrote a little piece for describing what I found from the past winners of the “Best New Chef” award.  Foodlander is a nifty app that zeroes in on the nearest Farmer’s Market for you.  Head over to Foodlander and let me know what looks intriguing and inspiring to you!

6 Comments on “Break Out of the Asparagus Rut

  1. I think some people who don’t care for asparagus might change their mind with some of these recipes. I find it is hard to preserve asparagus in any way, so it is important to make the most of it while it lasts. Thanks for those ideas.

  2. What a wonderful piece you have written Sue – I do like all of the recipes you have featured but am intrigued by the miso butter! Is Foodlander an international app or just relevant to US farmers markets?

    • I believe they are international although they just launched and though the markets will appear and list when you enter your zip code, a full “bio” of the market is only available for the Chicago/Illinois markets right now.

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