Loquat Follow Up: Tart and Fritters

Yesterday I was brainstorming how to use up the rest of our loquat harvest, so I consulted this book from the wonderful Valerie Gordon of Valerie Confections.  She makes some of the most delicious, beautiful and painstakingly individually handmade, hand wrapped sweets I have ever seen.  I love her vision and craftsmanship.  I found this recipe for a tart, using a cheese & cornmeal enhanced crust.  I thought it might work paired with the super tart loquat.


Some of Valerie’s Creations, like this one, take more equipment, precision and patience than I may have. Remember, I rarely measure. Not a good sign for a baker.


This looks more approachable!

So I went to work chopping up my loquats.

Chopping Away

Chopping Away



I then peeled the suckers and placed them on the chilled crust.

Skinned and Tarted Up

Skinned and Tarted Up

Let me tell you, the only thing that smells better than a Thanksgiving Turkey cooking and a pie baking, is a pie that has a gruyere enhanced crust baking.

Hot Out of the Oven

Hot Out of the Oven

We had small portions after dinner, for dessert, and Mike finished it off the next morning for breakfast, with ice cream.

With Ice Cream for Breakfast

With Ice Cream for Breakfast

To use up the rest of my loquats, I turned to Angie, the Novice Gardener, and the post that I just loved this week.  This one, too.  Fritters!

To make the fritters I just heated up a ton of coconut oil, dunked the loquat halves into a batter of 1 egg and a handful of rye and semolina flour, plus a splash of pellegrino water.



Taking my cue from Angie I also fried up some dandelion flowers I picked fresh from my growing weed collection in our backyard patio.

Served with Dandelion Flower Fritters

Served with Dandelion Flower Fritters

I must tell you that the gruyere crust recipe was very delicious and one I will use again and again.  In addition, I found that the taste of cooked loquats was much sweeter and mellower than that of the raw fruit.

Happy Sunday!

13 Comments on “Loquat Follow Up: Tart and Fritters

    • These gorgeous warm, baked pastry goods remind me of the most wonderful, natural, seasonal fruit bakery in the town of Sonoma, in Sonoma California. This bakery displayed their little plump, freshly baked products behind enormous glass cases and gorgeous counter tops….it wasn’t a European type bakery presentation, rather a completely contemporary California bakery cuisine presentation, with the most fresh, seasonal peaches, nectarines, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, etc on warm, flaky flour shells. So, your fruit on top of the flaky pastry bed looks scrumptious…only need a hot cup of “joltin, steaming java”! Thank you Birgirbird for another good offering here!

  1. Wow – that is some gorgeous sounding crust. Can I say that I am so impressed that you peeled the loquats? And yet another book to add to my list….Angie’s foraging post was so inspirational that I am not surprised you felt the urge to batter those weeds!!

    • Thank you Selma. I was really surprised by how easy they were to peel . . . just one prick and then the whole peel came off in one easy pull. Very unusual! Otherwise, I probably would have left the skin on!

  2. I love that you called them “suckers”…heheh! What a great way to use the loquats, Sue! Especially as fritters! Give me anything deep-fried any day! Yummo!

    • I was just one letter away from a curse word but that’s not how I felt about them because they are unusually and surprisingly easy to peel. Thanks as always for your comments!

  3. Gosh that’s a lot of cutting for loquats. I make a homemade thin focaccia/pizza studded with fresh fruit, which includes lichee fruit. 🙂

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