Monday Milestones

This past week a number of good things happened, so I celebrated with a 10 Veggie Juice this morning . . . made (and cleaned up) by someone else and not me.

First, my son Billy had 4 wisdom teeth pulled on Wednesday, and when I asked him how he was feeling that day, he texted me, “It’s weird.  Also, I think I got a job.”  We were not even aware that he wanted to work, even though we had encouraged him to try volunteering or getting a “light” job during the summers, as many of his friends did.  My own parents forbid me to work even through college, and I wasn’t sure that was a great idea.  But since Billy is finished with his AP classes this week, his grades are very good, he’s done with Xcountry, and he’s off school Wednesdays and Fridays at noon, we agreed that a part-time job would be worth considering, since he really wanted to have some extra spending money to go to concerts and eat out with his friends.  The owner told him to memorize as much of the menu as possible (103 sushi/noodle/combo items) and come back in 2 days.  Bless his heart I think he studied that menu for 12 hours . . . and he got the job.  I was proud.

Then, my husband, who has been “shopping” for motorcycles ever since he  . . . um, last owned one 25+ years ago, finally pulled the trigger and bought one.  I am so happy because I felt like he spent so much time imagining, wishing, hoping, shopping, deciding, undeciding, changing his mind, swearing off shopping . . . feeling guilty for shopping, feeling guilty for desiring, and then finally figured it wasn’t a mortal sin and he wouldn’t burn in hell if he actually bought one.  Since we are a 1 car household and since he grew up in a family of moto owners, and has always loved motos, my only reservation (and of course it’s a big one) is the safety issue.  But for God’s sake, he’s 2 years away from retirement and has worked his duff off at the same job for like millions of years . . . so I enthusiastically supported the decision. Plus I figured it would free up some time to do other things besides shop and fantasize on the internet.

Finally, birgerbird reached 100 followers, which was truly a nice surprise.  I would like to extend a hearty thanks to my readers and followers for the support, the comments, the feedback, and the fun, and for making this blog so much fun for me to write.

23 Comments on “Monday Milestones

    • Thanks so much. For tonight I am celebrating by making your whole wheat naan. We love naan but I have never made it and it will help use up all the easter bits and pieces of veggies and sauces we have!!!

  1. “Monday Milestones” has a delightful ring to it…congrat’s on all of the good stuff!

  2. These are awesome milestones, making Monday that much more pleasant! Congrats to your son on his job, your husband on his motocycle purchase, and you on reaching 100 followers! My husband is the same way about purchases. He’s been “shopping” for a television for the last decade (we don’t own one) and still cannot pull the trigger. I wonder how long it will take him? Happy Monday!

    • Thank you Ngan . . . how in the world do you not own a TV? Is he a sports person at all? News? Movies? So curious!!!

      • Hehehe….it surprises me that we still haven’t gotten one, but we watch sports either at friends’ homes or at bars (and sometimes online), news we get from the radio and online, movies and tv shows only on Netflix (so we’re always a season or two behind). This season of basketball has made us really want to get a tv so we can follow our beloved Warriors. Can you see why I have time to read so much now? 🙂

      • haha, yes now I do. we went back and forth for 3 weeks canceling and then re-ordering cable (I never watch except Netflix) and nearly divorced over the whole thing (a joke but it was tough ). But how do you watch netflix without a TV . . . on your ginormous computer?

      • I wish we had a ginormous computer! Our screen is about 21 inches, so not too bad. Just good enough for a couple of hours of viewing a week. I much prefer to go to the movie theater than watch movies or shows at home. We probably still come out ahead considering how expensive cable is!

  3. Congrats to you and your family, Sue! That is one amazing son you have there! Kudos to him for showing such initiative. It warms my heart to see kids take charge like that. And your hubby will have such fun with his new bike. As for you, you’ll be counting your followers by the hundreds soon enough. I’m so glad we’re blogging buddies. 😀

  4. What a wonderful gift these comments are from the inaugural 100 Birgerbird followers! Really a great bunch of people here, sending out kindness and support to you. So, your little Birgerbird blog is some sweet and clever writing. Good karma all the way around and so keep posting! Here is to the next 100 or 250 or…..???

  5. Awesome!!!!! Kudos to the kid. Nothing like a little avarice to motivate… good job. And kudos to the hubby. A BMW, can’t wait to show Tim. It looks beautiful! Am I going to hear about your rides as a passenger soon? I think this is a RMoD entry for sure. 😉 I like your new look too. The photo slideshow is awesome. Nice stuff lady! And congrats on the 100… very cool (and I’m a little green with envy).

    • I told M “Can we take a road trip to Idaho? He has a colleague from work who keeps inviting us to McCall . . . and then I can hit you up for a coffee ! 🙂 Thank you for your input on my blog, and sorry I have fallen off the radar of RMoD I more narrowly focused my blog on cooking rather than cycling but RMoD still fits in with cooking for sure so thank you for the reminder!

  6. Congratulations Sue, to your son for working so hard to land a job (trying to convince my son to do the same), your husband for finally getting the bike and you for the happy hundred!! So glad to have ‘met’ you!!

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