Fig n Pig Pizza

The Mulberry Pancakes Mike style were a hit and there were no trips made to the ice cream store or even refrigerator.  But then for Mike’s birthday dinner I made pizza with figs, bacon and ricotta . . . and it got Miked.  Let me explain.

I made a nice crust with some of the last bits of my sourdough starter before I chucked it to try a new starter method.  A simple mix of rye and red fife wheat flours, an overnight rise, a stretch into a rectangular baking sheet, and into the oven with unfiltered olive oil (killer strong and funky!!), grey sea salt and Peads & Barnetts mangalitsa bacon.    Everything’s pretty much artisan and/or heirloom up to this point except the Brita filtered tap water I used.  After about 5 minutes on near-broil, I stuck a mound of salad greens mix and sliced first-of-spring figs that I’d tossed with oil n balsamic.  Another 5 minutes, out of the oven, and I crumbled some fresh ricotta on top and some sunflower sprouts around the perimeter.  That last flourish wasn’t part of the plan but I had to come up with something to cover the burnt crust on one side.

This was the night we had the “blood moon,” so I took the finished creation out onto the porch where Mike was relaxing & enjoying the lunar event.  He pretty much inhaled it.  A hit!

I felt good that there was plenty of the pizza left, because I would need to work late the following night and wouldn’t be home to prepare dinner.  Not that I’m the only one who can cook in our household . . . far from it . . . but during the week when we’re both working I like to have on hand one or two partially prepared dinner options in the fridge.

When I came home from work later than normal bedtime time the next night, I was half awake.   I opened the fridge for a drink . . . saw the pizza dish empty . . . and then this woke me up:



The pizza had been Mike-d.  I would never think to add tomato sauce to figs . . . but then again ask an Ohio native if figs even belong on pizza!

6 thoughts on “Fig n Pig Pizza

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  1. Birgerbird…you wrote a funny story…isn’t it curious to see what lengths people will go to include red sauce on their food dishes? It’s kind of like strawberries and bananas on oatmeal, right? It just has to be!

  2. Oh, that’s hilarious, Sue! The pizza looks outstanding…
    It cracks me up when you say Mike’d… Because my son Mike is so fussy, that when I’m making a dish I know he doesn’t care for, I’ll prepare a separate version for him that I know he likes and say that I Mike-ified it! Lol..
    It’s a Mike thing.. 🙂 funny post!!

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