Tahini Date Caramel

Bananas with Broiled Tahini-Date Caramel on Butter Toasted Oats with Coconut Cream

Bananas with Broiled Tahini-Date Caramel on Butter Toasted Oats with Coconut Cream

I have an acquaintance from college who ended up, after college, moving into a house about 100 yards from the house I grew up in.  She moved into the notorious “banana tree house” that all of us neighbors secretly wanted to tear down because of the wildly overgrown banana forest in the front yard.  Anarchistic and unkempt looking, it didn’t jive with the otherwise clean cut Santa Monica gardens on the block.  20 years later, and a spectacular house remodel later, the lot now contains a massive craftsman, multi-leved house . . . . and an only slightly neatened banana thicket.
I’ve been curious as to whether the tree produces any edible fruit (didn’t look like it), and last week as I was biking to work I saw her in the front yard and she gave me a banana. A very green and closed up banana.  I put it in a brown paper bag inside a dark cupboard and hoped for the best.  A week later, still barely peel-able.  Then I got an idea.  In Thai cuisine you often see on menus “green” papaya and mango salads that utilize very underripe fruit.  So I surgically removed the banana fruit from it’s peel and decided I’d broil it with some caramel sauce on top.  I got the caramel sauce idea from one of my favorite all-time cooking sites Use Real Butter.  Jen lives and cooks full throttle and I love her style.  Plus she’s a bonkers awesome photographer.  Go check her out.  Anyhow, she made Tahini Date Caramels with Sea Salt that I believe was adapted if not wholly taken from the Kitchn.  The recipe appealed to me because of the absence of sugar, even though we all know dates are relatively high in natural sugars.  Still, if you’re gonna have sugar, have it with some good vitamins and antioxidants and straight from the earth, rather than processed!
So, for this Fiesta Friday I bring you a nice shallow bowl of butter toasted oats in coconut cream, with broiled tahini-date caramel banana lattice.  I stuck an egg in the middle just for fun.  And some sprouted toasted raw buckwheaties.  It. Is. Delicious.
Here’s the Recipe:
I recipe Tahini Date Caramel   . . . . thinned out with 1/4 cup coconut cream and 1/4 cup water
Creamy Tahini
Coconut Cream
Coconut Cream
The Caramel
Sauce (Ain’t much leftover!)
Next, cook up some oatmeal by taking 1 cup of steel cut oats and toasting them in melted butter for about a minute or two.  Then proceed to cook oatmeal as normal; 1 parts oatmeal to 2-3 parts water depending upon your type of oats/directions.
Spread out oats in a bowl and create a pocket in the middle into which you crack 1 egg.
Slice 1 banana lengthwise into 4 pieces and place in lattice design across oats and egg.
Brush 2-4 Tbsp sauce over banana slices.
Pour in a little almond milk or milk if you like, or cream, and broil for 5 minutes or until sauce starts to brown, but before it burns of course.
Serve up!
Finished Dish with Buckwheaties
Finished Dish with Buckwheaties

19 Comments on “Tahini Date Caramel

  1. Oh my goodness my mouth is watering at this! I’ll take a heaping serving please. I love your way of using a seemingly unusable fruit! I wonder if the banana could be carmelized in a pan too… Hmmm… Ideas are flowing! Thanks for bringing this to the fiesta!

    • Why thank you. I am happy to report that the deliciousness of the sauce more than makes up for the ugliness of the photo! It is a really great combo.

  2. I don’t know what you mean about the photograph. I think it looks very elegant. I love the unusual use of usual ingredients.

  3. Great use of that banana! I like how you has to surgically remove it from the peel, ha! And the date caramel sounds awesome.

  4. Oh wow Sue…this looks so yummy. I would take a big serving of it please!! I’m curious as to the texture of the banana and the taste… how was it after you broiled it? Was it crunchy as an underripe banana, or did it soften up as it cooked? Was it sweet?

  5. So unique! Love the way you plated this into lattice. Really enjoyed your story too. I could visualize this unkempt banana treed house on a street in beautiful Santa Monica! 🙂

  6. Wonderfully written narrative Sue, particularly about the old house and the unkempt and overgrown banana plantation. I think people have those unruly, frightening, and completely objectionable banana plants in order to hide from neighbors. Great story all the way around, and the tahini date caramel presentation was delicious looking!!! Great work!!!

  7. Wonderful post, Sue, and I bet that dish is just delicious. I like the addition of the egg for a little extra protein. The blog layout changed a bit, didn’t it? I really like the homepage, too. It looks very nice and your photos are fantastic and bright in this post.

  8. This is so unique and creative, it defies description! I’m all intrigued! I will have to give this a try. Now, let’s buy green bananas, on purpose. 🙂

    • Right! The caramel recipe is an absolute staple though. A little grainy from the tahini, but totally delicious and not quite as super super sweet.

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