The Many Lives of Beets

Here are a few things I’ve done with beets in the past 2 weeks:

20 Comments on “The Many Lives of Beets

  1. I just discovered recently that I love beets…guess it helped that I finally tasted one! Better late than never ~ and by your photos I see the beet is incredibly versatile too. Beautiful photos!

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  3. I just discovered your blog… and adore the title graphic. Can’t wait to follow your culinary adventures!

  4. I love beets, and enjoyed looking through your photos! Beet greens are so versatile and tasty, aren’t they? Thanks for bringing them to the Fiesta Friday party.
    On another beet-related dish, we had beet-cured trout in a cafe this morning, it was so pretty and tasty!

      • Oops! Sorry for late reply! We had beet cured trout at a cafe near our place (Sydney), I think it was very similar to a Polish recipe that uses the juice from beet and horseradish preserve. Really tasty stuff, and when I can find sashimi grade trout, I’m definitely trying out some recipes at home. 🙂

  5. I am a new fan of beets- I receive SO MANY in my CSA share. So delicious! I especially love the greens sautéed and the beets roasted. Great photos!

  6. I so love beets NOW! Used to think they tasted like dirt. Only because I was an ignorant brat! I grow them every year, and never can get enough, so thank you for this. All the beautiful photos should give me ideas what to do with them, instead of just roasting and pickling all the time. Thank you!

  7. I love beets and they are so healthy for you. I have also recently started to use them more – they are fabulous in almost everything. Your pictures certainly show their versatility!

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