Breakfast Gallery

Just a little breakfast love this morning

Weekend breakfasts are almost sacred for us; we look forward to sleeping in a little on the weekend and either cooking up some wholesome deliciousness or visiting our favorite cafe, Red Bread in Culver City.  Lingering with the newspaper, visiting with friends, daydreaming, bicycling, are all done at a slower, more civilized pace on the weekends.  What do you love about your weekends?  Here is a little gallery of our recent breakfast adventures:

16 Comments on “Breakfast Gallery

  1. Beautiful, beautiful! I’m with you, weekend breakfasts are for savoring. I love your photography, and would love to get some tips from you, my dear! I’m loving your posts and don’t know how I wasn’t following you before, but now I am – looking forward to more delicious treats from you 🙂 -Laura

    • So sweet, same here I am looking forward to learning so much and seeing so much on your site too . . . amazing so many wonderful places you have been.

  2. Beautiful pictures Birgerbird! A relaxing, easy and delicious breakfast is one of the great pleasures of life! We are so lucky!

  3. Ok, I’m ready for the cocao tart! And love the pic of hubby impatient for the Chemex to finish. (I hope you feel better). As for what I look forward to, our motorcycle ride on Sunday for sure… and on Saturday a visit to our local deli for a little social outing.. just green tea for me now and a mocha for hubby.

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