Weekend Travel: East of Eden

Downtown L.A. is on the Heatmap right now.

Pig Head + Bicycle at Grand Central Market Entrance
Pig Head + Bicycle at Grand Central Market Entrance

10 years ago you could not get a sensible restauranteur to open in downtown; nowadays the Arts District, Little Tokyo and the old Banking District, just to note a few neighborhoods, are thriving with pop up eateries, fine dining restaurants, super-artisan food crafter pie shops, coffee roasters, bread makers, juicers, chocolatiers, cheesemongers, butchers.  There’s mash-up Peruvian, high Italian, low Italian, mid Italian, there’s tons of good Ramen, there’s Northern Thai, Salvadorean, Russian, and a plethora of pub food eateries.

I keep a long list of eateries, markets, shops and restaurants I want to visit, and many of them are far East of our Santa Monica Eden.  Since M and I both work full time and don’t get home until after 6, trekking to downtown is not an option.  I could get there faster on my bike, and in fact once I did.

This past weekend we finally ventured East and I’m so glad we did.  The 2 places I wanted to cross off my list were The Pie Hole and Eggslut.  Eggslut is in Grand Central Market, so it is just 1 of many many vendors, so it was hard to stick to my plan of eating just the sandwich I came for.  Luckily M likes to eat and runs a lot of it off, so as he ordered from everywhere, I just took teeny bites.  Here’s what we found:

1.  Pie Hole:

2.  Robert Reynolds Gallery

The Most Amazing Gallery I've Seen In A Long Time
The Most Amazing Gallery I’ve Seen In A Long Time

3.  Grand Central Market

12 Comments on “Weekend Travel: East of Eden

  1. Wow, what a fantastic weekend! Your Fairfax sammie looks so tasty. Angie and I were just talking about sriracha mayo and how it makes everything better! And the name Eggslut? I love it!

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