Bike Powered Organic Ice Cream

LA Bike Commuting Summit 2014.


This past weekend we attended the LA Bike Commuting Summit.  How inspiring it was to see the efforts being made on the part of activists, advocates, city planners, entrepreneurs, and curious citizens to make cities more bike friendly and safer, and to incorporate bicycle riding for fitness, fun and commuting  . . . even ice cream making into their daily lives.

The panels and workshops educated us on what is actually being done in our communities on a grass roots and higher governmental level to make getting to work, getting kids to school, and getting around for errands easier by bicycle.  It was interesting to learn that the great majority of the trips we take in cars are less than 2 miles in length!  And the little bit you bike has a great multiplication factor in terms of how much traffic reduction and congestion is affected.  More than you would think, trust me.  We learned about safety and security from a couple of very helpful Metro employees and a lock company guru.  Also very enlightening.

There were the folks from LA Bike Trains who have set up human conducted “trains” to assist folks who want to commute to work but may be fearful or resistant to navigating the streets of LA.  Wanna go from Westlake to Long Beach?  Join the Wednesday train.  Silverlake to downtown?  Thursdays.

On the fun and slightly frivolous side we had a panel on “How to Ride to Work in High Heels,” and a fellow who conducts “Sweet Rides” which are bike rides around Los Angeles designed to whet and satisfy our appetite for sweets.  Each ride stops at a couple of historical places in LA, and a couple of awesome eateries.

Then, probably most impressively in my food-centric mind, there was Mr. Peddlar’s Creamery who makes organic and absolutely DELICIOUS ice cream from a bike-powered ice cream churner.  We sampled Mint Chip and Cinnamon.


Finally, we checked out all modes of electric, commuter, road, folding, cargo and cyclocross bikes.  The diversity and ingenuity was astounding!


All in all a wonderful experience!

4 Comments on “Bike Powered Organic Ice Cream

  1. Wow! It sounds like you guys had a GREAT time! I love the bike ice cream maker. You can wear off the calories before you put them back on! what a fun post.

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