Weekly Photo Challenge: Treasure

Wedding Ring Found in Front Yard After It Had Gone Missing 4 Years Earlier.

The original ring
The original ring

This is a true story.  After we’d been married about a month, my husband lost his wedding ring that had a lovely personal inscription on the inside.  After much reflection and discussion we got another one, also beautiful and not inexpensive.  My father has never worn a wedding ring, nor my boss, nor many other men I know . . . and my husband was not keen on wearing his when he had it.  I had a rather personal wounded perspective on that and felt hurt that he did not want to wear it, but at the same time I realized I may be bringing some of my own unique and flawed thinking to the issue . . . and I wanted some clarity and mutual agreement or understanding if possible.  So we talked to our Parish Priest who explained to us that in our tradition marriage is not a private event but as a sacrament, is a public, visible outward sign of inward and spiritual divine grace.  The ring is sort of like the Priest’s robe.  He said to us, “Do you think I like wearing this collar?”  My husband laughed, and so the ring went back on.

But alas, some weeks later this second ring went missing too.  After much less discussion and reflection this time, yet still some pondering on my part of the possible subliminal, subconscious elements in this drama (too much thinking!!!), we bought a very inexpensive ring at the local outdoor mall kiosk.  And that one lasted 4 years.

Then one lovely summer day we were digging around in the front yard, or more accurately I was reading the paper on the porch and my husband was watering the yard and weeding plants, and guess what he found?  The original wedding ring!

I choose this story to illustrate something I treasure in my life, which is my marriage.  I feel truly fortunate to have a mate and as much as there is conflict as is inherent in almost any human relationship, and as much as I often think I would just rather be alone . . . leave me alone, leave me alone! (don’t you love Audrey Hepburn’s quote “I don’t want to be alone, I want to be left alone”?), life is much better with a mate.  That’s my story and I’ll stick to it.

I treasure my relationships with others even though I may look to others like a shy, private and almost reclusive person.  I do not like large groups of people, too much noise, busy social calendars, big parties, but I do treasure deep intimacy with another person.  A friendship where you can really be transparent, honest . . . where you can rejoice or fall apart, and feel supported.  Likewise I am fiercely loyal to my friends and will go to great, both goofball and deadly serious, lengths to show signs of caring.  Weekly Photo Challenge:  Treasure

13 Comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Treasure

  1. Lovely story 🙂 My husband too lost his ring in the first year of marriage while cross-country skiing at a large county park. He surprisingly found it about 4 months later when all of the snow melted! That was 28 years ago…

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  3. Wow, an interesting story! Thank you for sharing it! I’m very lucky in that neither my husband nor me ever lost our rings and hubby wears his ring willingly. Me too, of course. I would find it silly to buy rings and then not wear them. 😀

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