How to Propose Marriage by Bike

Cyclist Murphy Mack rode 18 miles, torched 749 calories & traced out the words “Marry me Emily” surrounded by a heart on the Streets of San Francisco 

Proposal by Strava

His ride was chronicled in London’s Daily Mail website Mail Online.

Mack’s ride took an hour and twenty minutes and was recorded by the Strava, an app for runners and cyclists to record their routes, speed, elevation and calories burned.

Mack’s girlfriend, Emily McLanahan, said yes.

I am a sucker for goofball and over the top expression, so this story made my morning.  In fact, it inspired me to make a little Bacon Valentine:


My husband loves pork, therefore I’m confident he will like his Valentine this year.

Do you have a funny, quirky, creative or otherwise love story that centers on Valentine’s Day?  Do share!  I have a very short one.

One night after 4 years of marriage my husband announced he would cook a surprise dinner for Valentine’s Day.  Now, we had been dating for 2 years prior to marriage, and married for 4 years, and I had told him many many times that I just do not like pork chops, or any chops for that matter.  I do not care for meat much unless it is ground or super falling-apart tender.  When I was little and we would have steak with a bone or chicken pieces with bone, I only had to eat “until you see the bone,” and then I could be excused from the table.  Sometimes it was a long long time to get to that bone!  Sometimes I cheated and picked off a piece and scrunched it in my napkin.

Now, many times we had been out to dinner and my husband would offer me a bite of his beloved pork chop and I would gently remind him of my meat preferences.  So when I arrived at the dinner table on Valentine’s Day last year and there was a beautiful, snowy white, double thick pork chop on my plate, I just had to laugh.  I think he was blinded by love . . . pork love.

This post was submitted as part of the WordPress Weekly Writing Challenge:  My Funny Valentine.  What’s your Valentine’s Day Story?


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