What is Your Dream Job?

Mine:  Roaming (by bicycle) Food Writer.

Many moons ago I worked at a newspaper, in the days before the internet . . . so you can imagine my glee when my friends/food justice soldiers at one of my favorite cafes/e-grocery “stores” asked me to write a review for their home delivery service.

My parents told me that the notion of job as extension of self . . . job as expression of soul identity, job as manifestation of alignment with the universe, etc. is nonsensical and silly . . . and I must admit I am somewhat dichotomous in my thinking about work and it’s relation to personal identity . . . I like the security of having a “traditional” paycheck . . . from another dependable person/company/corporation and I tend to think that if you dream up your own job and are blissfully self-employed, you can’t support yourself.  Another post, another day, another thing to think about.  In the meantime . . . .

One of the many things I like about blogging is it allows me to sport my fantasy career hats.  Check it out:

Moonlighting as a Food Writer
Moonlighting as a Food Writer

6 thoughts on “What is Your Dream Job?

Add yours

  1. That sounds perfect for you! What fun. I totally get the ‘blissfully self-employed but can’t support yourself’ belief … see my tongue sticking out at it. 😉 😛 Nice post!

  2. My dream job is to become gainfully unemployed so if you know a way I can do that do share. lol 😀 I’m self-employed and heading towards retirement and though I will never quit producing I’m tired of working. I’m into playing (writing, painting, poetry, singing, dance) and if I could play and be paid for it that would be superb.

    1. The only thing I myself do in this vein is to try to infuse play into my work . . . which for me means being a goofball when possible, wearing colorful outfits, eating at strange and fun food trucks during my lunch hour, engaging in playful joke-telling and humor with colleagues, etc. Question: would getting paid for playing alter the nature and enjoyment of one’s play I wonder??? Money has a funny way of distorting things some times.

      1. I do inject playfulness into my work. However, I began working when I was 4 and compelled to take care of younger siblings as I had dysfunctional parents. I worked in the system illegally before I was old enough to get a SIN card. Thereafter I worked my way through both college and university. I’ve had enough of work. Having an income so one doesn’t starve to death as a senior in a country that’s focused on younger generations problematic. That’s where I was coming from. 🙂

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