Phonography: Using Your Lens as Macro

This is the lovely and delicious Cactus Apple, up close.

I found this fruit at My Favorite Farmer’s Market, at the Orchid Man’s truck & table.  I was astounded at how good it was and surprised that I had never seen or tasted the fruit before.  Orchid Man told me he grows them in his front yard . . . in Hermosa Beach.  Then guess what? I started seeing them in front yards, side yards, on the side of the road on freeways . . . . in short, all over the place.

In fact, on January 1, 2014 as I was peeling down a hill on PCH on my first Century Ride I saw a giant collection of them.  And I was hungry.  So I stopped my bike and approached the bush.  I saw an especially ripe and juicy looking one and grabbed it . . . . and in my naive impatience impaled my right hand with cactus apple needles.  Turns out the one I had eaten days before at the market was meticulously de-needled.  If you stick with my blog you will see that I do foolish things like this all the time and I am old enough now that I just laugh.

Anyhow, I wasn’t able to get as close as I would have liked to for a macro shot, but I think the photos are interesting and colorful.  Happy Phonographing!
cropped-apple-cactus.jpgThe Delicious Cactus Apple

The Cactus Apple, Halved

This post submitted as part of the Phonography Challenge

10 Comments on “Phonography: Using Your Lens as Macro

  1. Never heard of a cactus apple, thanks for the introduction. Colors are bright and cheery, and it sounds like it tastes like that too. Ouch–cactus needles do hurt. Happy Phoneography Monday.

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  5. That looks simply delicious! Now I’ll have to look around for some! I was rather wondering if there were needles (cactus after all). I guess you answered my question! lol

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